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【Xinhua News】Agency-Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems of BIT developed over 10 intelligent robots

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  Robots able to carry out emergency rescue and probe in pits, robots able to carry out precise surgery, artificial and bionic hands able to be worn by the handicapped, bionic robots able to play ping-pong…in Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems of BIT, various types of intelligent robots really surprise people.

  Recently Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems of BIT started using a new site with an area of 15 thousand square meters. It is reported that there have been 21 advanced innovation centers in Beijing, and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems of BIT is among one of the first.

  Vice president of BIT and director of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems, Chen Jie said that, over two years of efforts, the center has reached pioneering achievements in the advanced technological areas of micro-nano manipulation robots, artificial neural interface, bionic robots, etc.; reached breakthrough progress in key industrial technologies of active capsule endoscope robots and puncture assisted medical robots, etc.;  carried out application demonstration for the research achievements in the areas of family assistance, operation under special conditions, etc.

  Journalists saw on the exhibition site that currently the center has developed over 10 intelligent robot samples and products of medical type, auxiliary type and service type, etc. In front of the exhibition booth, there was a coal mine rescue robot similar to a “micro tank”. The robot was said able to carry out rescue missions for personnel in a coal mine disaster, and carry out concentration monitoring for over 10 kinds of sensitive mine gas including methane, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide, etc. Also, this robot is equipped with voice communication device and camera, and the optical fiber within it can carry out data transmission for a maximum distance of 1km, and the mechanical hand mounted on the front has the ability to clear up obstacles and carry out searching and rescue activities.

  Chen Jie told that currently the research team has carried out mobile platform research under rescue condition in pits, solved the explosion-proof problems for robots and acquired safety certificate of use under coal mines issued by Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Center, and the center will carry out research in the self-developed probe field.

  In the medical area, many research achievements, such as surgical robots, active capsule endoscope robots and puncture assisted medical robots, intelligent human-machine coordination craniotomy operation platform and so on have attracted people’s attention.

  Among these, the active capsule endoscope robots can be applied to carry out precise and highly efficient colonoscopy for people aged over 40, to overcome difficulties of keen pain and low examination efficiency and so on in current endoscopy, to realize the control of complicated poses in the colonic area with capsule robots. Start of producibility is predicted to be realized in 2019 or 2020. The puncture assisted medical robot system can provide accessory puncture functions under visible ultrasonic real-time video navigation.

  On the exhibition site, also some auxiliary intelligent robots attracted many people to watch and experience. For the elderly and group with leg function defects of aoplectic hemiplegia, based on the ordinary electric wheelchair, the master-slave recovery and skeleton wheel for walking was added with pedal type limb exoskeleton exercise settings, helpful for the convalescent to carry out leg exercise, and the producibility is predicted to be reached in 2018.

  The wearable knee exoskeleton wheel mainly aims at patients with knee osteoarthritis and the elderly people with weak walking ability. Zhang Liancun, a researcher told that this achievement has just been developed in the beginning of this year, and now is in the testing stage. “For ordinary products of the same type, the materials are harder and the volume is larger, advantages of this product are the soft drive mode, easy to wear and low cost.”

  In addition, the cat-like four-leg robots able to run and jump, with high sensitivity and flexibility, and bionic robot able to play ping-pong with human, water closet robots designed for people with difficulty getting about and able to be controlled to walk via voice also surprise people.

  Chen Jie told that currently China now attaches great importance to researches on intelligent robots and systems. In the future, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems will focus on major problems in the area, establish high level platforms, gather top talents, be dedicated to the world-class basic researches, technological innovations and product R&D in this field, attract global scholars and researchers to lead technological development of intelligent robots and systems together.

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