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999 First Aid Station in BIT

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  Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie



  Recently, after ordination, 999 first aid station settled down in two campus of BIT, which can provide more effective medical protection for school teachers and students and residents, and improve the level of school service security. One is in the school hospital of Zhongguancun Campus, the other is in the outpatient department of Liangxiang Campus.


  The first aid station was put into trial operation on June 26, 2017, and it will be fully operational from August 20 after freshman orientation. It is in priority to ensure student emergency rescue, providing professional medical emergency services for both campus and surrounding residents.




  Wu Ning, the doctor from the Red Cross of Beijing, said in an interview: "The first aid special car in BIT is first aid type rather than transport type and is well equipped. It can provide services including oxygen inhalation, sputum suction and trauma treatment. Because it is a public welfare project, it is free except for the emergency. This project really conquers lots of difficulties."


  In medical service, time means life, which is also its particularity. For patients with cardiac arrest and sudden death, about 4 minutes will lead to brain tissue hypoxia damage, 10 minutes will lead to irreversible damage. However, Zhongguancun campus is located in the bustling area with heavy traffic and Liangxiang campus is not densely populated areas. In other words, emergency services are facing some challenges. What’s more, the school hospitals as a primary health care institution, its main function is a health center to carry out basic medical care, prevention, health care, rehabilitation, health education, chronic disease and health management services. However, it is limited to laws and regulations in the relevant provisions of the medical institutions, equipment and facilities conditions and personnel conditions, can not have the professional first aid ability.


  Therefore, in order to meet the need of teachers and students in the emergency services, school hospital and the Red Cross aim to cooperate to achieve 999 first aid station stationed in the campus to achieve the comprehensive coverage and save valuable time for the first aid services in the campus. This professional emergency services not only give full play to the school hospital to provide medical security functions for teachers and students, but also provide a more comprehensive life and health service and strong protection for them.

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