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Scholarship Students Summer Vocation Activities by Confucius Institute of BIT Held Successfully

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  On July 3, 2017, the Confucius Institute Scholarship Students Program hosted by Beijing Institute of Technology was successfully opened. 18 scholarship students respectively from Confucius Institute of University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Eotvos Lorand University in Hungary and Washington State University in America took part in this program.

  This 4-week-program aims to help these students improve their Chinese ability, understand China’s national conditions, experience Chinese culture, economy, history and culture and enhance emotional communication.

  In order to enrich the cultural experience of, BIT carried out a variety of extracurricular social practice, including activities in the secondary school, in the primary school and in the community, etc.


  Visit to the Second Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University

  On the afternoon of July 3, scholarship students visited Second Affiliated Middle School of Beijing Normal University. Teachers introduced the school’ s history, culture and management through a short film which students were all interested in and they said that study life here would be very colorful and were looking forward to studying here. Then, the students asked details about curriculum setting, tuition and after-school life.

  Teachers then showed the students around Building. Bo Xue and made an introduction about school curriculum system and the impressive results and rich foreign affairs activities achieved these years. What’s more, they also paid a visit to the school Library and Science Building. During the visit, the students were full of praise for the cultural arrangement of the classroom.

  Although these scholarship students did not have any communication with the students here due to the final exam, they all considered that they have learnt a lot and earned a profound understanding of Chinese compulsory education system.


  Visit to the Affiliated Primary School of Beijing Institute of Technology

  On the afternoon of July 11, the scholarship students from Confucius Institute were welcomed to pay a visit to the Affiliated Primary School of BIT. They introduced their national culture to our pupils and meanwhile, as “ambassadors of culture”, pupils also made an introduction of China’s culture.

  The scholarship students played with our little baseball team members and visited robot classroom. They were all amazed at the robots which can complete the tasks according to the instruction and exclaimed “China’s pupils are too smart”!

  After that, they gathered in the multi-functional lecture hall and conducted a variety of interesting interactive activities, among which the game “you say, I guess” upsurged the happiness and joy of the activities. They all enjoyed themselves and foreign cultures.

  Two hours witnessed their cheers, laughter and friendship.


  Visit to West Chang’an Avenue Street, Xicheng District

  On the afternoon of July 24, the scholarship students from Confucius Institute had cultural experience activities at West Chang’an Avenue Street Subdistrict Office, Xicheng District and visited “Yidali” hutong communities, Xidan Business Culture Museum and Xihua Study.

  At the quaint, elegant and beautiful “Yidali” hutong communities, the community leader told some details, background and activities rooms about this community including chess and card room, folk art club, psychological consultation room, day care room and multifunctional activity room.  At the folk art club, the students enjoyed the Beijing Opera and spoke highly of this Chinese traditional art.

  Then, scholarship students visited Xidan Business Culture Museum where they knew commercial culture including the history of Xidan, commercial street prototype, knowledge of plaques and integrity management. Those concentrated ancient business essence highlightened the hundred years of Xidan cultural heritage and deeply impressed the students.

  After realizing the influence of the development of Xidan commercial culture, the students took their steps into a quaint courtyard houses — Xihua Study. The staff there explained in detail the category, feature and allusion of the collected books. Then, they also showed the students all kinds of high imitation collections including Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains and gave an instrumental performance. Students were shocked at these China’s treasured scrolls of calligraphy or painting and were profuse in praise.

  A month’s study and life in China witnesses the progress of the scholarship students of their Chinese ability. Varieties of extracurricular social practice activities make them understand China and its culture more deeply and intuitively and inspire them to learn Chinese well and spread Chinese culture.

  Under the support of NOCFL and Confucius Institute Scholarship Students Program, BIT aims to build a high-level cultural exchange platform to draw foreign student’ attention and study in our school, provide opportunities for the students who truly love Chinese culture and promote the “Double First-rate” construction and internationalization development of BIT.

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