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Picture News| Feast Full of Tender, Strength and Wisdom for BIT’s 77th Birthday

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Zhao Shengtao

  Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie



  The anniversary activity of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) has insisted on developing with connotation, adhered to ideas to converge intelligence and organized each important distinctive activities for years. At the same time, it provides chances for schoolfellows to talk about friendships and cooperation opportunities, and emphasizes on promoting crash of thoughts and wisdom, sharing of knowledge and experiences.


  Yesterday, we had guided you to the charms of military-civilian integration technical innovation show. Today, we will represent the latest picture news to you. From now on, follow our version to feel the colorful school anniversary of BIT in all aspects.


  At 8:30a.m. of September 23, schoolfellows ‘comeback meeting was held in the gymnasium ceremoniously. Graduates from different fields went back after the timing of graduation for 20 or 30 years, and talked about their common memories, as well as made suggestions to BIT.








  On the afternoon of September 23, the 7th forum of schoolfellows was held successfully in the conference hall of center teaching building (Zhongguancun campus). The forum is themed on “new-kind talents majored in national defense educated by military-civilian cooperation”, many successful schoolfellows from fields in spaceflight and war industry together focused on the new kind of talents’ education.



  On September 22, the construction of BIT’s new history museum was completed. On September 23, the museum located in the second floor in No. 5 building in national defense science park was open to the public, and received a lot of teachers and students at the school open day. The museum would surely be a new cultural landmark of BIT.



  During the school anniversary, BIT exhibited a lot of high-grade ‘products’ from schoolfellows’ companies and related units supported by scientific achievements of BIT.



  More than 100 foreign students of BIT from twelve countries including France, Italy, Span, Germany, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Korean, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Rwanda, held a National Culture Festival in the school anniversary. They provided many delicious food, and also showed us dancing and singing, which is a unique way to celebrate the 77th birthday of BIT.



  On the afternoon of September 24, the military-civilian integration technical items introduction meeting was held successfully in No. 7 Building in Zhongguancun campus.



  During the school anniversary, 2017 ‘Military Cup’ invitation tournament was also held in BIT. With development for years, the competition organized by BIT has been a famous sports event among many military companies and research institutions.



  On the morning of September 24, to celebrate the 77th anniversary of BIT, the final game of “Anniversary Cup” invitational tournament was held in the eastern gym. Team “Old Boys” played against team of foreign students. Many elder players in the legendary team when the BIT team was in Chinese First Division for 9 years joined the game. Finally, Team “Old Boys” won the cup with the score of 2:0.



  During the school anniversary, the 3rd BIT Selected Photography Work Exhibition themed on “catching highlights and chasing Dreams in BIT” was held in the Art gallery of Zhongguancun campus.



  On the afternoon of September 24, schoolfellows’ Companies’ special recruitment meeting was held in the south part of the gym in Zhongguancun campus, which included 65 companies. Its aim is to provide students high quality companies and a more relaxing way to communicate, as well as a more convent place to interview.



  On the night of September 22, BIT recalled the schoolfellows and school staff from their tender memory------ Do you still remember the outside films years ago?



  At the moment of the 77th birthday of BIT,

  Let us celebrate together

  Happy birthday to BIT!

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