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"Biotransformation and Synthetic Organism System Research Team"of BIT published article on top international periodical in bioengineering field

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Ruoyan

  Editor:News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie

  With the subsidization of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and The Natural Science Foundation of China, the team led by Professor Li Chun, the “Biotransformation and Synthetic Organism System Research Team” of the School of Science in BIT published a special summarization article: “Toward" the lowest energy consumption and emission in biofuel production: combination of ideal reactors” on《Current Opinion in Biotechnology》(2018, 50: 19-24,IF="9.294), an international top periodical in bioengineering field.



  Picture 1: The combination of robust hosts and ideal reactors applies to the biofuel production.


  As we know that the combination of the rising cost of raw materials, the continuing declination of the oil price, and other macro-economic factors, restricts the development of biofuel fermentation industry. The low energy consumption, high efficiency bioreactor and the microflora provide with a controllable and stable bio-environment for the biofuel sustainable production. So far, the optimization of the bioreactor is mainly focusing on declining the energy consumption. However, an ideal bioreactor not only depends on the breakthrough of the reactor design, but more importantly based on the idea of synthetic biography creating a super cell factory with the good function of stress tolerance, high producing efficiency and the optimization of metabolic pathway. The article made the Bio-manufacturing of fuel ethanol an example, combing with the heatproof, organic solvents high temperature ethanol tolerant brewers yeast developed by the research team recently, basing on the accomplishment of the try results in COFCO factory in Heilongjiang Zhaodong, which has 600000 ton bioethanol, systematically introduced the related theory research, the development and application of the new technology, and the present situation and outlook of raising the ethanol producing efficiency and declining energy consumption. The technology efficiently promote the biofuel fermentation production to a new energy cost declination period.

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  The “Biotransformation and Synthetic Organism System Research Team” has been focusing on biocatalysts and synthetic organism system since set up in 2005. They has published more than 100 articles on top periodicals in chemical engineering and bioengineering field such as AIChE J, Chem Eng Sci、Chem Eng J, ACS Synth Biol, ICER, J Biotech和Biotech Resources, etc. They are also authorized to hold 21 patents. The research team is devoted to making use of the technology of synthesis of artificial cell and the mode of microorganism fermentation which has been innovated by the enzymatic technology, and they will continue launching the study of the natural products biosynthetic pathway structure, the innovation of the pathway, and the bio-process integration. They will also continue providing with new idea and ways to achieve green and efficient bio fabrication of medicine and bio-based chemical.

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