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The First International Conference on Graduate Education Is Held in Beijing

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Zhao Shengtao

  Editor: News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie




  On 26th Oct., the First International Conference on Graduate Education was hosted by Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), and co-hosted by The Research Group of Global Tier-1 Universities, Top Discipline Construction Evaluation and Advance Strategy research, and The Magazine of Degree and Graduate Education. Zhao Qinping, academician in Chinese Academy of Engineering and the President of the Institute of Degree and Graduation Education; Huang Baoyin, chairman of the center of degree and Graduate Education in Ministry of Education; Fang Daining, academician in Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president of BIT; Wu Daguang, vice president of Xiamen University; Zhang Shulin, vice president of the Institute of Degree and Graduation Education and vice president of the University of Science and Technology of China; Wang Zhanjun, chairman of the center of Degree and Graduate Education of BIT, Wang Junzheng, executive vice president of the Graduate School; He Haiyan,president of the Office Education Research; Zhou Wenhui, president of the Magazine of Degree and Graduate Education, together with more than 150 experts from Oxford University, Stanford University and other Universities joined in the meeting.




  Vice president of BIT, Fang Daining, showed warm welcome on behalf of BIT. He introduced the development of BIT in recent years and the general situation of Top Discipline Construction. Fang said, BIT had a special place in graduate education in China, and the open of the meeting could combine many great ideas from all over the world and many universities experience. He hoped all the universities presented could gain large combination and friendships, and gain new thoughts, ideas, opinions about Global Tier-1 Universities’ construction and the revolution of graduate education.




  At the opening ceremony, the ceremony of publish of the first edition of World Graduate Education Typical Translations was held. This series of book was written by experts organized by the Center of Graduate Education. They selected some of the most influential works from the world, and translated 9 to Chinese for the first time. The issue of the series provided important reference to our country’s research of graduate education, and would also promote revolution and development to it.




  In the reporting part, experts from home and abroad reported around three following themes.

  First one was about Global Tier-1 Universities and Top Disciplines Construction. Chairman Huang Baoyin put points on that higher education should go through intensive development, and told detailed about our basic design from strategic aspect. Professor Wu Daguang took Xiamen University as an example, and discussed questions and ways about Top Discipline Construction. Professor Keikoh Ryu from Stanford University analyzed the links between the construction and Chinese society from economics, management and education. Professor Wang Zhanjun rewarded the process of Global Tier-1 Universities’ construction, and advised that universities and society should analyze the rank rationally, and also built the three symbols and five standard of Global Tier-1 Universities. Professor He Haiyan told about the logic relationship between Global Tier-1 Universities and Top Discipline from 10 elements of function and innovation.

  Second, comparing among the education in all over the world. Professor Maresi Nerad from Washington University discussed the situation, problems and experience based on a research about PHD students’ development road. Professor from University of Technology Sydney talked about the framework and the research about graduate education based on his research in his university. Professor Akiyoshi Yonezawa from Tohoku University, showed the situation about PHD education in Japan, and mentioned about the importance of changing the attitude of PHD education in the internationalization situation. Professor JungC Shin from Seoul National University raised the challenge which the PHD students were facing in comparing the PHD students’ situations with other countries. Wang Xueli from University of Wisconsin-Madison raised improving the framework design about study experience from the discuss about graduate experience.

  Third, they discussed the new trend of graduate education in the internationalization situation. Professor Janette Ryan from Oxford University stressed the importance of internationalization in graduate education, and regard the internationalization combination as an important element. Professor Catherine Montgomery from University of Bath compared the universities’ development situation in China and the UK from the transnational education version. President of magazine Zhou Wenhui deeply analyzed the problem and situation about Chinese graduate education in internationalization and Global Tier-1 Universities Construction, and shared his ideas as well.




  Additionally, there was interaction part in this meeting. Experts from all over the world had a deep communication in Global Tier-1 Universities, Top Discipline Construction Evaluation, the main idea of development of graduate education, experience and mode, PHD education internationalization and high level talents’ interchange. The meeting was in an active atmosphere.

  This meeting was the first international meeting about the global graduate education, and would have a landmark significance in the research of graduate education and in the promotion of Global Tier-1 Universities’ construction.

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