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BIT Holds First SpaceUpBIT Forum Successfully

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  Translator:News Agency of BIT You Yilin

  Editor:News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie

  A few days ago, the first SpaceUpBIT forum undertaken by Chinese university was successfully held in Beijing Institute of technology (BIT) Graduate’s Scientific Innovation Base. The official language of the forum was English. Before the conference, BIT Graduate’s Scientific Innovation Base had convened the conferees with support from many other institutions, such as SpaceUp, SGAC(Space Generation Advisory Council), SPACE Domain Names and Radix Registry Company, etc.. The conference was chaired by Professor Zhang Jingrui, the Principal of the Distributed Spacecraft System Technical Institute and vice director of Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. Hundreds of graduates, doctoral students and foreign students from BIT, Tsinghua University and Beihang University attended the meeting.





  The forum had invited many domestic and international specialists in this industry, including Dr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi, director of APSCO’s education, training and database management departments, and Mr. Alex Cureton-Griffiths, the originator of the world-renowned SpaceGAMBIT, Madam Sun Jiayi from UN-SPIDER, Chu Longfei, technical director of the first private spaceflight company LinkSpace, Gong Zizheng (China Academy of Space Technology CAST ) and Li Shouping(BIT), corresponding members of IAA, and also Professor Long Teng, associate dean of School of Aerospace Engineering of BIT and associate Professor Zeng Yuanxiang from School of Automation. Office of International Students and Graduate School had also sent related teachers to participate in the discussion.

  At the main venue, Professor Li Shouping gave an introduction on Freely Mining Space NaturalResources and Its Legal Limitation ; Zeng Yuanxiang introduced the Strong Effect from Weak Irregular Asteroids, and Gong Zizheng from China Academy of Space Technology CAST, the Space Debris Activities in China Toward Space Long Term Sustainability; Shi Xiaoning, LinkSpac’s R&D manager, The First Private Space Company in China – LinkSpace. Sun Jiayi from UN-SPIDER introduced the Role of UN-SPIDER in Promoting Space Based Information in Disaster Management, using cases from Asia; Mr. Mohammad Ebrahimi Seyedabadi introduced functions of APSCO and Mr. Alex Cureton-Griffiths of the SpaceGAMBIT, The Open Source Space Revolution and Why Cubesats Rock.







  The schedule was arranged individually by attendees, which is one of SpaceUp’s special features. The schedule was labeled on the bulletin board, which enabled participants to choose and discuss over the topics they were interested in, according to the released themes and times. Therefore, with academic communication carrying on in the main venue, attendees were also able to study the usage of Satellite Tool Kit (STK) or conduct in-depth communication on keynote speeches in other areas like workshop area, discussion area, and tea break area. They could also watch space video at break.

  Three international students and a Chinese student won the Best in Show award of the forum. Finally, after the awarding ceremony, the SpaceUpBIT forum came to an end in warm applause.




  SpaceUp stemed from United States West Coast and entered the public's awareness with a new form of “Unconference”. It overturned the traditional form of conferences, allowing participants to make out the conference schedules themselves. There was no restriction on themes, professions and ages for participants. The first SpaceUp was organized by San Diego Space Society in 2010 and held successfully in San Diego Air & Space Museum. Soon, it developed quickly in Europe and Australia. The Distributed Spacecrafts System Technical Institute had adopted this form of forum in order to broaden students’ horizons, arouse enthusiasm in scientific research and promote international communication ability.

  Since Sep. 2017, SpaceUpBIT has successfully built an official website and gained permanent domain name( its own wechat id. Up to now, the official website, self-designed by graduates of BIT, has gained 40000 clicks and the highest page views per day has reached 3358. The website was visited through more than ten search engines among which the Firefox reached a search volume as high as 8664 times. Though it has been the first attempt for Chinese universities, the forum has received wide acclaim. Later on we will keep trying so as to stimulate students’—especially graduates’-- enthusiasm in innovation.

  SpaceUpBIT官方网站 official website:

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  stemed from United States West Coast 

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