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BIT Wins the Best Paper Award in IEEE GLOBECOM 2017

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Ruoheng

  Editor: News Agency of BIT

  During Dec. 4th to 8th, the paper Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation and Power Control for Downlink Multi-Cell OFDMA Networks written by professor An Jianping, associate professor Yang Kai and their doctor and postgraduate students from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) won the Best Paper Award in IEEE GLOBECOM 2017.




  IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the two top conferences in the communication industry field in the world, also the largest and most influential one. It is periodically held in the middle of Dec. The content of the conference includes all aspects of communication theory such as information theory, cognitive radio, network security, wireless communication network, optical communication networks, big data, cloud computing, green communication, Internet and etc. The Best Paper Award of IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the top awards in the communication field. Previously the western schools always won the award. This time the conference picked out 15 best papers according to the researching field. The paper written by Pro. An Jianping Team was the only prize-winning work in the field of green communication systems and networks. And this was the first time that BIT won the award.

  The paper focused on the resource sharing based on the efficiency in the LTE downlink. In the non-ideal channel, a resource allocation and power control scheme with low complexity and high efficiency based on the 0 norm was proposed. The scheme ensures the client using the LTE downlink to optimize the efficiency of the LTE downlink with low complexity algorithm on the premise of the lowest communication rate. The scheme provided guidance for the multi-cell LTE downlink resource allocation and power control with high efficiency.

  Professor An’s Team insisted centering on the need of major national strategy and international academic cutting-edge, and developed research on satellite communication and wireless communication network. These days a series of important researching results were achieved: confirming and designing the Big Three global short messaging system and researched space borne short message receiver, which was expected to be deployed in 2020, also making a breakthrough on the Integration of laser tracking telemetry command and communication technologies, which would be added to Tiangong 2nd space pilot scheme in 2021. The award is recognition and encouragement of the team’s researching work, and is also a flection of the steady increase of the Information and Communication Engineering’s social influence.

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