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Delegation from BIT visiting to Florida University

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Zhao Shengtao

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  To enlarge the International North American regional cooperation platform in "double first-class" construction and have a deeper cooperation with elite universities aboard, on 13th to 15th Dec, 2017, Li Hezhang, the vice-principal of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), together with his team, visited University of Florida , University of South Florida , and Florida Institute of Technology, and promoted the cooperation in aspects of personnel training, teacher communication and scientific research with Florida Public flagship University and other elite universities.



  On the morning of 13th Dec, Li and his team visited University of South Florida located in Tampa, and talked with Adriana Marales, associate vice president for international affairs, Jose Zayas-Castro, executive Vice-President of International Affairs, and other directors. The host introduced development strategy of teaching, scientific research and internationalization of their own universities, and interchanged ideas on student exchange, teacher communication and cooperation in related disciplines. University of South Florida, built in 1956, is the largest flagship institution in the Florida State University system, and developed rapidly in engineering, medicine, chemical engineering, etc. It actively implements internationalization strategy, and creates opportunities for students to pursue their study overseas. Both BIT and University of South Florida thought there are many similarity between the two universities, thereby planning to further promote teaching cooperation and subject docking with the beginning of promoting student exchange and teacher communication. The team then visited the sensor Lab of University of Florida and the high-tech innovation center of South University of Florida. The researchers introduced the development and application of new sensors in detail, and the whole process of scientific research and innovation with enterprises.



  Visiting the Sensor Laboratory of the University of South Florida



  On the morning of December 14th, Li and his fellow team members visited the University of Florida in Galnasville. Founded in 1853, the university of Florida is the second largest public research university in Florida, ranking ninth among national public research universities. Our teachers have academic exchanges with the University of Florida in areas such as mechanical engineering, software and information technology, but BIT has not yet established a cooperative relationship between schools or colleges with the University of Florida. The visit resulted in the signing of a cooperation agreement at the school level between the two schools.The delegation visited the University of Florida College of engineering, and the Department of electrical and computer engineering director John Harris, Department of chemical engineering director Carlos Rinaldi talks, and visited the Department of electronic engineering and chemical engineering laboratory. Based on academic exchanges, the two sides plan to promote the joint training of undergraduate and graduate design. At the University of Florida International Center, Vice Chancellor Li and Leonardo Villalon, director of the Center for International Affairs, exchanged views on how to advance closer cooperation between the two schools. Under the framework of the cooperation agreement between the two schools, more substantive cooperation will be promoted.



  Visiting the Interdisciplinary Microsystems Laboratory of the University of Florida



  On the morning of December 15th , the delegation visited the Florida Institute of Technology at Melbourne . Head of the Florida Institute of Technology T . Professor Daniel Baloga , Vice - President of the International Affairs Associate , and Professor of Phase Relations , welcomed the visit of Vice - President Lee and Vice - President Dwayne MaCay . The University of Technology was founded in 1958. Its original intention is to provide continuing education for scientists , engineers and technicians in the Kennedy Space Center . The university has established a cooperative relationship with the university in the joint training of students. During the visit. Li and MaCay President signed a cooperation agreement between the two universities, and discussed how to promote student training and teacher cooperation, as well as scientific research cooperation in the field of space science. The delegation, accompanied by the associate vice president of Pei-feng Hsu, also visited the Florida Institute of Technology Student Design Center.



  Visiting the Student Design Center of the Florida Institute of Technology

  Qu Liangti, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yang Yanbo, School of Physics, Xiong Hui, College of Mechanics and vehicles, Cao Fengmei, Department of academic Affairs and Gao Shan, who is in the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation accompanied Li Hezhang to the above-mentioned colleges and universities. The visit resulted in the first college-level cooperation between our university and the Florida High level University, as well as student exchanges, teacher exchanges and chemical engineering. Mechanical engineering, physics, materials and other disciplines with the above school has reached a number of cooperative intentions.


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