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BIT holding the New Year Concert of 2018

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Zhang Wenrui

  Editor: News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie



  On the evening of November 27th, the BIT New Year Concert of 2018 was held in the school stadium. More than 120 students form the BIT Symphony Orchestra and BIT Choir performed magnificent musical pieces for the new year. Almost 1800 teachers and students came to enjoy the new year concert.



  The concert was conducted by young conductor Su Yangjing from the Central Conservatory of Music. The BIT Symphony Orchestra started the new year concert with the magnificent “Ode for Red Flag”, followed with “The white-haired girl”, “La forza del destino”, and “Butterfly Lovers” which caught the eyes of the audience. Their brilliant performances won thunderous applause. The symphony orchestra and the choir not only performed traditional Chinese songs like “Ode to the Plum Blossom”, but also performed widely acclaimed foreign songs like “Solvejgs Lied”,” Four seasons” and “Carmen”. And the concert was consummated with the well - known "Chatting Polka".

  At the end of the performance, singers walked in to the auditorium with the cheerful "Berlin air" and brought new year's blessings to everyone. Furthermore, professor He Chunhua, music director of the symphony orchestra and the choir, conducted himself, presenting the accompaniment chorus for everyone. The singing was melodious and lingering, which made the audience reluctant to leave for a long time.



  Began in 2001, the BIT Concert is starred by the BIT Symphony Orchestra and the BIT Choir. Famous conductors like Xia Xiaotang, Jiao Yang and Li Hao have all conducted the concert once. For 17 years, the BIT Concert has become an important cultural symbol of BIT. Greeting the arrival of the new year in the beautiful music,the BIT Concert has become an indispensable cultural event for BITers. There’s also many famous alumni return to the stage of every years’ new year concert, performing with their younger schoolmates  on the same stage.



  The BIT New Year Concert has witnessed the growth and improvement of the College Art Troupe, the vigorous development of the university culture, and marked fruits of the quality education in schools, especially the art education. The Office of the CYL Committee will continue the exploration of the quality education of college students, in order to strengthen the atmosphere of campus culture and art, and contribute to the built of the world-class art education system and the campus cultural atmosphere.

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