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BIT 2017 Outstanding International Students Awarding Ceremony and 2018 New Year Performances Event

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  Writer: News Agency of BIT Teklehaimanot Yemane

  On December 28, 2017, the International Students Office, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) conducted one of its remarkable annual events, Awarding Outstanding International Students and New Year Gala. The event began at 1:30 pm in the well-decorated BIT Gymnasium Hall, with awardees perfectly settled in their reserved seats, while performers making last minute rehearsals on the sides of the stage and in the preparation rooms.  Everyone was delight to see the event kick off with great expectation, excitement and extreme delight.




Photo: BIT International Students performers ready for the event


  With the theme, “Our Story with BIT”, the event started with a warming up Screen plays and live Songs. As the first music show and the sound systems perfectly resonated to the comfort of the awaiting heart, every one of us made our senses ready to make a good memory of the entire event. One cannot simply imagine how stunning and mind uplifting it would be.




Photo:  “Our Story with BIT” Different types of art Performance by BIT International Students


  The sessions were unfolding one after the other like an attractive story book. The story reflected in this memorable event witnessed the academic excellence, the cultural oneness, and the super attractive art performances of the international students and the favorable condition that has been created by BIT for international students. Every session had its own beauty and enshrines a lasting memory to the mind of the observer. In observing such music performances, I am naturally attracted to what is culturally very attractive, but when it comes to such events in BIT, I have a unique obsession with one type of Chinese cultural folk dance, which is the da yu hai tang (大鱼海棠).




Photo: Big Fish and Begonia ( 大鱼海棠 ), Chinese Cultural dance, performed by Teachers from ISC and International Students


  The most valuable session of the event was, however, the recognition and awarding Ceremony of BIT 2017 Outstanding International Student, that includes awarding of academic excellent students from PhD, Masters, undergraduate and other students who performed well in extra-curricular activities organized by BIT, International Students Office.

  This year, the BIT super outstanding International students’ award, recognized by the Chinese Government Scholarship goes to Miguellopez San Gregorio from Spain and Hamed Ahmadloo from Iran both PhD students.




Photo: Outstanding International Students, Chinese Government Awardees,  Miguellopez San Gregorio (front, second from left) and Hamed Ahmadloo (front, second from right)


  All in all about 80 International Students were awarded by the BIT International Students Center for their academic success, volunteer activities, and sport and art excellence in the 2016/2017 academic year.




Photo: All BIT 2017 Outstanding International Students Awardees


  The event concluded with excited students taking collective memorable photos together.  This annual event motivates fresh International students in BIT to work hard and definitely it will have a greater role in attracting new students to join BIT in the future.




Photo: Awardees and performers International Students, Teachers from ISC office, takin photos together



  Apart from this memorable annual event, the BIT International Students Office has also conducted its first International Education Fair from December 12-15, 2017. This event brought more than 49 universities across the globe together. In this unique of its kind event, International students in BIT were able to introduce their country universities to the BIT officials, Students and to each other.




Photo: BIT 1st International Education Fair, December 12-15, 2017






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