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BIT 2018 Spring International Culture Festival opens

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Zhehui

  Editor:News Agency of BIT




  In order to promote the further communication between Chinese students and foreigner students and create a “Happy Paradise” with an international atmosphere for BIT’s teachers and students, the Spring International Culture Festival was held on Apr.13th, 2018, as scheduled. On the day, the audience and foreign students from more than 20 countries were enormously enthusiastic, despite the bad weather of showers and a sudden drop of temperature.





  Mei Hong, vice-president of BIT and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Toshio Fukuda, foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, head of the International Student Center and representatives of foreigner student together announced the start of Spring International Culture Festival. At the event, there were great numbers of enthusiastic teachers, students and children. On the site, the atmosphere reached its climax with the beautiful landscape of umbrella opened like flowers.




  At the national booth area, audience could watch girls from Pakistan drawing Hanna, admire African customs brought by exquisite handicrafts of Uganda and South Africa, and enjoy the performance by beautiful Polish girls wearing red skirts and garlands of flowers. In the meanwhile the cuisine in those booths got attention from audience. There were various delicious food such as Vietnamese spring rolls, American hamburgers, Indonesian fried rice, French red wine, Korean tteoks and Egyptian pancakes. At the event, there were special game sessions, promoting the interaction between foreigner students and audience.

  At the stage area, performances by students from different countries found favor with audiences. There were heart burning Chinese Kungfu, beautiful Chiangnan umbrella dance by girls from Russia and Poland, passionate African dance by students from South Africa, glorious song by BIT International chorus with members from countries such as Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Panama. While at the photo area, vivid and lively cartoon characters attracted many tourists to take group photos. Here in the spot of Spring International Culture Festival of BIT, the rich elements of international culture were showed, mingled and distilled.




  The event has been the largest international culture activity organized by BIT so far. It successfully attracted visitors such as teachers, students and their families by wonderful performances, interesting games, delicious food and unique handmade products. As a result, this event became an internationalize activity close to the masses and into BIT’s community. All faculty members, old and young, were deeply attracted by the event which has promoted the further development of the fusion between Chinese and

  This event showed BIT’s pleasant image of foreigner students with their solidarity and friendship, brilliance and distinction, health and optimism. In the meantime of the increasing of experience, popularity and atmosphere, the Spring International Culture Festival has lodged itself in the public mind.




  In recent years, the international education of BIT has made rapid development that now there have been more than two thousands foreigner students from 137 countries studying in BIT, creating BIT’s enhanced internationalize atmosphere.

  The current situation of BIT’s international education has entered a new era. Focusing on the construction of double first-rate and internationalize education of BIT, the International Student Center will continue to build high-level admission platform and high-quality applicant base, improve the work of high-standard specialty and infrastructure and promote BIT’s education quality and management level. At the same time, it will make great efforts to organize various international culture activities and create BIT’s atmosphere of rich and colorful international culture so that to enhance international students’ sense of belonging and love for BIT, build a world-class culture of the university.

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