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Professor Josip Brnic from University of Rijeka, Croatia Visits School of Materials Science and Engineering at Invitation.

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  May 21st, at invitation from School of Materials Science and Engineering’s Key Laboratory of impact Environment Technology, Professor Josip Brnic from University of Rijeka, Croatia visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

  At the Innovation Report Hall in Graduate Building, Professor Josip Brnic introduced University of Rijeka, Croatia and its Engineering College. At the same time, he made an academic report named “The Significance of Fatigue and Fracture Failures in Engineering Design”.




  The report began with the problem of deformation and failure of materials, and put emphasis on using finite element method to make simulation analysis to structure and equipment. He got specific parameter to specific materials and structure using simulation analysis, and he had an experimental analysis to material structure in many different environments such as different stress condition, different temperature, creep and fatigue. The teachers and postgraduate students present made a deep discussion about related professional questions with him.

  After the report, Wang Yangwei, chairman of School of Material Department of Material Processing, gave professor Josip Brnic a medal of Key Laboratory as a present.




  [Introduction of the reporter]

  Josip Brnic, male, professor in School of Engineering in Rijeka University, and also a doctoral supervisor. Born in Croatia, graduated from School of Engineering in Rijeka University as a PhD graduate. He was once dean (2 terms) and vice dean of School of Engineering in Rijeka University, president and vice president of Rijeka University, member of the National Council for Science of Croatia(2 terms), president of the Engineering Science Council of Croatia(3 terms), and associate member of the Croatian Academy of Science and the Academy of the Arts.

  He mainly focuses on using finit element method to do numerical simulation analysis on structure and machine, and together with carrying on research on materials in different environments. Up to now, he had published more than 300 papers in international journals, enjoying great influence in the field.

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