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The Delegation of Kazakh-British Technical University visits BIT

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  On the afternoon of May 28th, vice president Zhakulikova Guizada, advisor to the president Kusainova Raushan of Kazakh-British Technical University and education and culture counsellor of Embassy of Kazakhstan visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Vice president Li Hezhang of BIT had a meeting with the foreign guests.

  Firstly, Li Hezhang welcomed the guests for their first visit to BIT. He said that since the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and Kazakh, both countries kept great and stable cooperation on culture and economy. He also stressed that Kazakh was and important strategic partner of “The Belt and Road”. So far BIT has established cooperation with 6 famous universities in Kazakh. He expressed welcome for more Kazakhstan students and teachers coming to BIT for study,so as to promote the bilateral communication on teachers and academic and scientific research.

  Zhakulikova Guizada was thankful for the warm treatment and recommendation. She introduced the history and predominant disciplines of Kazakh-British Technical University, and said its chemical engineering and computer subject was at the top among universities in Kazakh. She hoped that the two schools could launch 2+2 double degree projects and exchanged student projects on chemical engineering and computer disciplines. At the same time, she hoped to recommend more young teachers to study for a doctorate in BIT.

  Abdrakhmanov Kairat said that BIT was a well-known college in the world. Through the visit, we strengthened the bilateral communication on education and culture, enhanced understanding of both sides, set up the friendship, made more Kazakhstan students have the chance to come to China for study and laid a great foundation for the deeper communication in the future.

  Foreign Students Center, relevant officials of Center of International Communication and Cooperation and students in Kazakh-British Technical University also attended the meeting.

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