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BIT Successfully Holds “IUTAM Acoustic /Elastic Wave Metamaterial” Symposium

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  Recently, Symposium named by International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics(IUTAM) on acoustic/elastic metamaterial, their design and applications has been successfully held in the International Education Communication Center in the Zhongguancun campus.

  The symposium was held together by School of Aerospace Engineering and Wave Mechanics laboratory. Professor Hu Gengkai from the school and Professor Andrew Norris from Rutgers University in the US acted as chairman together. The conference received strong support from The National Natural Science Foundation of China,Innovation Research Groups and 111 Project. 30 experts and scholars (2/3 overseas scholars) from China, U.S, U.K, France and other 9 countries were invited to deliver academic lectures. The conference was also widely concerned by domestic peers, over 120 professors and doctors from 30 universities, colleges and institutions attended this meeting.




  Acoustic and elastic metamaterial is a kind of artificial composite material. Being uniquely microstructure designed, it brings in abnormal physical characteristics. The metamaterial shows great application potential in the field of wave control, low frequency vibration and noise reduction, seismic wave protection, acoustic/elastic wave stealth. The symposium gathered the most active scholars in the field of acoustic/elastic metamaterial. They discussed the latest news and the future development directions of the field together. Own unique opinions of scholars and experts were expressed in the open discussion at the end of the meeting, presented the listeners with a rare academic feast.

  【Background Introduction】

  IUTAM is the top international organization of mechanical research. In addition to organizing a mechanical conference with more than thousand people attending every four years, it also screens out several high level symposiums in smaller scale from the world-wide frontier and hotspot mechanical research fields and lists them into the IUTAM symposium sequence (verified every two years). The competition for application for the international symposium is highly intense. On one hand, the applicants are required to be recommended by world-class scholars related to the theme of the conference. On the other hand, it requires the applicants to make influential academic achievements in their subject areas. BIT wave mechanics lab submitted a formal establishment application in April 2016. By virtue of reputation accumulated of years in the international academic field, after correspondence evaluation and multi-stage voting, it finally acquired the right to host the symposium.

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