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School of Management and Economics engages former finance minister of Slovenia as member of committee of development strategy

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  The other day, at the invitation of the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), former finance minister of Slovenia Dušan Mramor visited the school and sit on the committee of development strategy of the school. Dean of the School of Management and Economics Wei Yiming presented professor Dušan with the engagement letter. Deputy dean Yan Zhijun, professor Tang Baojun, director of the Center for Research and Academic Exchange Lv Xin and the representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony.






  During the visit, professor Dušan was invited as a special guest of the BIT Lecture Hall and the academic lecture room of the School of Management and Economics, bring two brilliant academic lectures to the teachers and students of BIT. Professor Dušan was twice the finance minister of Slovenia (2002-2004, 2014-2016), and he is currently the vice chairman of the prime minister's advisory council and professor of finance of the faculty of economics in Univerza v Ljubljani. Professor Dušan is influential both in academicians and businesses. He was the member of the board of governors of national bank of Slovenia, chairman of the securities market institution of Slovenia, counselor to the finance minister of Slovenia, and chairman of the council of commercial bank, positively impacting the transformation of Slovenia. As one renowned scholar, professor Dušan is fruitful in the fields of transformative finance and capital market. He has published lots of papers on the world-renowned journals and several monographs concerning corporate finance and capital market. Professor Dušan has been invited to address international conferences for many times.

  The engagement of Professor Dušan as one member of the committee of development strategy of the School of Management and Economics will fully take advantage of the wisdom of overseas experts, promote the internationalization and development strategy, and better help to achieve the goal towards Double First-Class of BIT.

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