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Prof. Zaiping Guo of UOW, Australia, invited to give an academic lecture at BIT

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  Invited by the School of Material Science and Engineering, Guo Zaiping, professor of the University of Wollongong(UOW), Australia, delivered an academic report titled Hybrid Nanostructures as Electrode Materials for Alkali Metal-Ion Batteries in the afternoon of Sep. 17th at the teaching building No.5, meeting room 502-1.




  Professor Guo Zaiping introduced some research progress obtained by her research team in the field of the electrode materials of rechargeable batteries in details. First of all, inspired by the excellent performance showed by the material Na2TiSiO5 in sodium ion batteries, her team successfully produced a new kind of electrode material called Li2TiSiO5 and put it into use as the anode material of the sodium ion batteries. The material Li2TiSiO5 owns some advantages such as excellent structural stability and lower discharge potential. Besides, it could also make sure that batteries possess more stable long cycle life and higher discharge capacity. Subsequently, professor Guo Zaiping introduced how to make use of the plasma to induce the positive ion to mingle with TiO2 in a deep layer, which can effectively improve the performance of keeping sodium for anode material of the sodium ion battery. In addition to this, this research team also explored effects that lithium salt electrolyte may cause to the electrode of the potassium ion battery and use the liquid phase separation method to produce ultrathin Sb2S2 nanomaterials to improve potassium ion battery’s cycle stability. The report was easy for postgraduate to understand and they all benefited from the systematic research. After the lecture, professor Guo Zaiping conducted detailed and in-depth discussions on relevant academic issues with participating teachers and students.

  Brief introduction of the presenter

  Prof. Zaiping Guo received a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Wollongong in December 2003. She is a Senior Professor in the school of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Wollongong, and an Associate Editor of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. She received the ARC Queen Elizabeth II Fellowship in 2010 and the ARC Future Fellowship (FT3) in 2015. Her research focuses on the design and application of nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion, including rechargeable batteries, hydrogen storage, and fuel cells. She published more than 300 papers in the past 10 years, more than 60 papers were published in journals with IF > 10. Her publications have been cited >16770 times with an h-index of 71

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