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Projects of BIT award the second prize in the first Sino-Russian (industrial) Innovation Competition

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             Translator:  News Agency of BIT Han Yu

             Editor:  News Agency of BIT


       A few days ago, the first Sino-Russian (industrial) Innovation Competition ended. Twenty-eight innovative projects from China and Russia went through a fierce competition in many fields, such as AI, high-end manufacturing, big data, and electronic information. School of Automation of Beijing Institute of Technologz participated in the competition with an electronic robot called BITNAZA, which used wheels as feet and was connected inside through the way of parallel connection. They have also made an intelligent robotic system that aims at mobile and interactive financial services and this project finally won the excellence award. BIT’s total score tied for the second place in the Chinese participating universities. Miao Wei, minister of industry and information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Denis Manturvo, minister of industry and trade of Russia Federation and Yu Chengfa, governor of Yunnan Province, presented awards to the winners of the competition.

       The competition was conducted under the joint leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People Republic of China and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russia Federation. The aim is to implement the cooperation consensus reached by the Subcommittee on Industrial Cooperation of the China-Russia Prime Minister's Regular Meeting Committee in September 2017. The original intention of the competition was to promote the innovation achievements of the young people of China and Russia and to go to the market, and use this as an opportunity to form a long-term mechanism. It is reported that the second Sino-Russian (Industrial) Innovation Competition will be held in Russia in 2019.


Award-winning project introduction
        Electronic parallel-connected wheel foot robot, also called BITNAZA, which was developed by the key laboratory of Servo Motion System Drive and Control of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The project is mainly composed of five parts: the wheel leg, the control system, the environment sensing system, the integrated navigation system and the energy power system based on the parallel six-degree-of-freedom structure. It has the advantages of high movement speed, good environmental adaptability, flexible movement mode and strong load capacity. It can realize a variety of autonomous movements of wheel, foot and wheel-foot, with functions like variable track, variable wheelbase, and variable body height and in-situ rotation. At the same time, the wheel movement can also actively isolate the vibration and adjust the attitude to maintain the level of the fuselage, which can be used in the fields of unmanned combat, fire rescue, material transportation and medical rescue.
        The Integrated Navigation and Intelligent Navigation Research Laboratory developed the intelligent robotic system for mobile interactive financial services. The banking service robot with the functions such as customer guidance, business consulting, business handling was designed to solve the practical problems of bank hall business management, so as to reduce the burden on bank staff and reduce the waiting time of customers. The project uses functional interactive banking robotic system integration technology, and the robot constructs an environmental map of the bank hall through a 2D laser SLAM algorithm based on adaptive particle filter, and uses a two-phase mixed state A* search algorithm to plan the path. The robot has an automatic charging function to achieve long-term autonomous work. At present, the project has been deployed at 35 outlets of three banks, which has generated direct economic benefits of 50 million yuan and indirect economic benefits of 100 million yuan.

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