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Cheng-Cheng Liu honored with the runner-up 2018 New Journal of Physics Early Career Award

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    Translator:  Li Jiaying,  News Agency of BIT

    Editor:  News Center of BIT


  Recently, New Journal of Physics has published the runner-up 2018 New Journal of Physics Early Career Award on its website, awarding BIT STA Fellow Cheng-Cheng Liu with this honor in order to  recognize him for his significant contributions to material realisation of a series of topological quantum states. New Journal of Physics Early Career Award open to young scientific researchers who have both published articles in the journal and completed doctorates for no more than five years. The award is presented every year since 2016, producing a first place and a runner-up, and among the six people who were honored with this award, Cheng-Cheng Liu is the only Asian scholar. 

  New Journal of Physics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which contains research in all aspects of physics as well as interdisciplinary subjects involving physics. Founded in 1998 and published by IOP Publishing, this journal is a joint publication by British Institute of Physics and German Institute of Physics. Over the past three years, it had published about 700 articles each year.


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       Cheng-Cheng Liu, male, STA Fellow, doctoral supervisor

  Cheng-Cheng Liu studied from professor Yao YuGui, graduated from the Institute of Physics in Chinese Academy of Sciences and was conferred with an Ph.D in Physics in 2013, and he also entered the school of physics in BIT the same year. Liu has been studying computational physics and condensed matter theory ,and he studys electronic structure of true materials mainly through first principle simulation combining with theoretical analytical methods, paying special attention on the novel topological quantum states caused by the non-mediocre topology of system wave function. He has published 34 articles on SCI, including 8 on Phys. Rev. Lett.,11 on Phys. Rev. B,3 on NJP and one article each on Nat. Mater.、Nat. Commun.、Adv. Mater.、Nano Lett、ACS Nano and Prog. Mater. Sci.(IF=31.140).All these work has a far-reaching effect, and the articles he wrote was cited 3465 times in SCI, among which the seven articles were selected as the advanced citation papers.[All the article lists are in] The articles published as first author on Phys. Rev. Lett. and Phys. Rev. B SCI was cited 1104 and 582 times respectively, which triggered a research upsurge on silicene and germylene field. Partial results of the studies are included in the third edition of Quantum Hall Effects, a monograph written by professor F. Ezawa from Tohoku University of Japan. And the theoretical model that came up was named as Liu-Yao-Feng-Ezawa (LYFE).

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