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Delegation from Brno University of Technology visits BIT

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    Translator: News Agency of BIT, Zhao Shengtao

    Editor: News Agency of BIT


  On the afternoon of February 25, 2019, Petr Stepanek, President of Brno University of Technology (BUT), visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) and Vice President of BIT, Xiang Changle met with the guests.

  Xiang Changle welcomed President Stepanek to visit BIT for the first time. He said that Brno University of Technology is the largest public university of science and technology in the Czech Republic, and the two schools are similar in many fields of engineering research. On this basis, BUT and BIT should expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, and promote substantive cooperation in areas including student exchange, international education and teacher’s research.

  Stepanek thanked for the warm reception of BIT. He said BUT values the cooperation with BIT and hopes that in the future, the two universities will deepen their cooperation in the field of superior disciplines through inter-governmental funding and other ways. Xiang Changle and Stepanek signed an agreement for student exchange on behalf of the two schools. The delegation also held a bilateral academic forum with the School of Aerospace Engineering, the School of Automation, and held in-depth discussions on future academic exchanges and cooperation between the two schools in the fields of aerospace and automatic control. Then BUT delegation visited the Beijing Key Laboratory of UAV Autonomous Control.

  Visiting guests also included Pavel Zem í k, the dean of the School of Information Engineering and Dalibor Jenne, the third Secretary of the Czech Embassy in China, Petr Hajduk, Director of the Office, Peter Chudy, associate Professor. Liu Hao, deputy director of the National Center for the study of Air Traffic regulations and Standards. Relevant stuff from the International Affairs of BIT, the School of Information and Electronics, the School of Aerospace Engineering and the Office of International students attended the meeting.

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