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Delegation of RTU Visits BIT

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    Translator: News Agency of BIT,  Zhao Shengtao

    Editor: News Agency of BIT


  On the afternoon of March 7, a delegation of four of Riga Technical University (RTU), led by professor Igors Tipans, vice-president of RTU, visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Wang Xiaofeng, vice-president of BIT, met with the delegation at Zhongguancun campus of BIT.

  Wang Xiaofeng extended a warm welcome to Tipans and his entourage, and introduced the basic situation of the school and its cooperation with the universities of the three Baltic countries. He said that RTU and BIT had a lot in common in the subject setting, and hoped that both sides could take the summer school project as the starting point and combine the advantages of both sides in the fields of mechanical engineering, intelligent robots, and so on. Cooperation would be gradually extended to student exchange and innovation and entrepreneurship projects, teacher exchanges and scientific research cooperation.

  Tipans thanked BIT for its warm reception and introduced the basic situation of RTU and its cooperation with Chinese universities. He said RTU attached great importance to cooperation with Chinese universities, which had now offered Chinese credit courses and hoped to expand the good cooperation model of the two schools into the Baltic Sea region in the future through inter-governmental funding and other channels.

  The two sides then held in-depth discussions on the details of the cooperation and agreed on the next work plan.

  Members of the RTU included Anna Sedova, project Officer of Department of International Affairs, Kaspars Berzins, special adviser, and Angelina Maksimova, third secretary of Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in China. Relevant personnel of International Office, Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, School of Automation and Office of International Students of BIT attended the meeting.

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