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Yan Zhijun Team Publishes Latest Findings in JMIS

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    Translator: Xiong Liyi, News Agency of BIT

    Editor: News Agency of BIT


  Recently, latest finding of Yan Zhijun team from School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), “Spillover Effects of Financial Incentives on Non-incentivized User Engagement:  Evidence from an Online Knowledge Exchange Platform” was published in the top international journal of information system, Journal of Management Information Systems. Yan Zhijun team completed the work in collaboration with Professor Ni Huang and Professor Yili Hong from Arizona State University. Kuang Lini(Doctor,2016)is the first author and Yan Zhijun is the corresponding author.

  Online knowledge exchange platform has become an important tool that empowers online learning for the Internet users. A key challenge for knowledge exchange platform is how to motivate the desirable user engagement behaviors. Based on an archival data set from a major online knowledge exchange platform, the research employs difference-in-differences models in tandem with propensity score matching to evaluate the spillover effects of financial incentives on non-incentivized user engagement, namely voluntary knowledge sharing, knowledge seeking and social engagement. The research indicates that financial incentives on the paid knowledge sharing activities further motivate users to voluntarily share more knowledge and increase their social engagement in the platform. However, the financial incentives have no significant impact on user’s knowledge seeking behavior. Above all, the financial incentives not just have an effect on incentivized engagement, but they spillover to users’ desirable non-incentivized online engagement behaviors.  Therefore, the overall positive effect of financial incentive is probably underestimated in prior research. And this research offers implications to practice that financial incentives can be an effective strategy to nurture users, to seed content, and to enhance sociality of a platform.

  Journal of Management Information Systems is one of the Financial Times 50 Journals (FT50) which publishes less than 50 articles every year. FT50 is the standard to assess the research ability of business schools, enjoys high recognition degree internationally and exists as the crucial basis for Financial Times to appraise business schools. FT50 includes journals of economics, strategic management, organization, human resource management and some other aspects, only three journals of information management selected.


Original Link:"10.1080/07421222.2018.1550564

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