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Delegation of Technical University of Madrid Visited BIT

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    Translator: Han Yu, News Agency of BIT

    Editor: News Agency of BIT


  In the afternoon of April 3, 2019, Guillermo Cisneros, President of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), José-Miguel Atienza, vice president of UPM responsible for foreign affairs, Asunción Gómez, vice president of UPM responsible for scientific research, and Gisela Conde, education counselor of the Spanish Embassy in China, visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) with other 14 related personals. The chairman of the School Committee Zhao Changlu and vice president Li Hezhang met with the guests on behalf of BIT in Room 211, Office Building No. 2. 

  Zhao Changlu expressed his warm welcome to President Cisneros to BIT. He said that internationalization is important for BIT to build a world-class University. The relationship between China and Spain has been further deepened after President Xi’s state visit to Spain last November. UPM and BIT have been cooperating for 14 years, which should be used as an opportunity to continuously expand and deepen the fields of personnel training and scientific research cooperation on the basis of student exchanges and teacher exchanges, and enhance the academic level and international competitiveness of students and teachers.

  Cisneros expressed that UPM attaches great importance to the cooperation with China. The cooperation between UPM and BIT has not only created a variety of talent cultivating projects, but also stimulated active research cooperation. What’s more, teachers and students from the two schools have established a deep friendship from understanding each other to mutual trust. He hopes that the two sides could establish closer scientific research cooperation, personnel training and mechanism of Industry-University-Research Collaboration.

  Li Hezhang hoped that in the future, the two universitites would continue to work hard to promote the scientific research cooperation of member universities as the initiators of the Sino-Spanish University Coalition. At the same time, he invited the UPM to participate in the 80th anniversary celebration of BIT.

  Conde spoke on behalf of the Spanish Embassy in China and affirmed the efforts and contributions of BIT and UPM to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Spain in education and research. She also said that the Spanish Embassy and the Spain Ministry of Education will continue to support the educational cooperation.

  Li Hezhang and Atienza signed an agreement of double doctor degree under the witness of Zhao Changlu and Cisneros. The two sides also held discussions on joint application for intergovernmental projects, double major programs for undergraduate and short-term projects during the summer and winter.

  In the afternoon, 13 professors from the School of Computer Science at the UPM and professors from the School of Computer Science and Technology at BIT conducted two academic seminars on artificial intelligence and software technology. The president of UPM and the vice president of UPM responsible for research attended the seminar. Later, president Cisneros and counselor Conde Counselor visited Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems.

  Visitors also included Claudio Feijoo, special envoy for Asian affairs of UPM, and other representatives from UPM of the School of Industrial Engineering, the School of Computer Science, and the School of Software. The Academy of Science and Technology, the representative of Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, the International Office and relevant college professors attended the meeting.

  Background introduction

  Founded in 1971, the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) is the oldest and largest university of science and engineering in Madrid, Spain. According to the QS World University's subject rankings in 2019, the school ranks fifth in  civil engineering, 34th in mining engineering, 41st in the architecture, and 49th in machinery, aviation and manufacturing engineering, 51st-100th in electronic engineering, 94th in engineering and technology, and ranked 151st-200th in Computer Science. The UPM is the first and the most comprehensive university in Spain. The two universities signed an inter-school cooperation agreement in 2005, and carried out exchange students, graduation design, short-term summer and winter projects, research seed fund projects and visiting scholars’ projects.

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