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57th Annual Sports Meeting & 2019 Sports Culture Festival Held in BIT ——Report on International Students

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    News Source& Photographer: News Agency of BIT

       On April 27, 2019, the 57th sports meeting and 2019 Sports Culture Festival of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) are successfully held in Liangxiang campus. Teachers and students from all schools and departments actively participated in this grand event, including players from International Students Center and Lingwen Academy.

       The players presented shining scenes on the competition track and field. Over 20 flags in the square of the Lingwen Academy representing different countries where international students come were fluttering in the parade. Different colors and various languages integrated perfectly into the in-step marching with everyone’s positive outlook. The smart turnout and fine bearing of the queue left a deep impression on the audience and won themselves enthusiastic applause.

  Officer He from International Students Center introduced that, with the improvement of the internationalization of our school, the number of international students in BIT has reached over 2,400, and they come from 147 different countries and regions around the world, all of which indicates the strengthening of international academic exchanges and establishment of international academic reputation of BIT.
     In the sports meeting, international student players were picked out and divided into three groups for arrangement. Several players on the playground accepted the interview and many of them mentioned that although this was the first time for them to be in China and participation in the formal match, it did not hinder them to feel fresh and excited.
       Besides the real passion with the sports meeting and festival, International students also set up supply stations for the athletes to guarantee their demand.

  Looking back at the work during the sports meeting and sports culture festival, Lingwen Academy responded positively to the call of BIT, organizing foreign students to take physical exercise, pre-competition selection, queue training, and finally made remarkable achievements. Hopefully, the school will also take the sports meeting and sports culture festival as an opportunity to encourage students to build themselves stronger bodies, integrate successfully into campus life, and get more acknowledged about Chinese culture, so as to promote the all-round moral, intellectual and physical development of the overseas students in BIT.

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