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Prof. Bernard H. Foing, Ms. Amanda Kruijver gave academic report to BIT

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    Translator:  Han Yu, News Agency of BIT

    Editor: News Agency of BIT


  On April 26, At the invitation of Professor Deng Yulin from the School of Life Science, BIT, Professor Bernard H. Foing, Executive Director of ESA ILTWG, and Ms. Amanda Kruijver, Project member, gave a lecture entitled "Moon Mars and Space Recent Results and Future Missions". More than ten teachers and graduate students from BIT attended the report. Professor Deng Yulin hosted the report.

  Prof. Foing and Ms. Kruijver introduced several recent key experimental developments and research plans of the European Lunar Exploration Working Group, including the European Space Agency's first lunar probe SMART-1, the largest lunar simulant project “LUNA” ever. In addition, the human semi-permanent lunar base - "Lunar Village" plan, and various cooperative research progress in the simulation of lunar base space experiments carried out in the field of international cooperation also included.

  Prof. Foing and Ms. Kruijver also launched a teaching innovation activity with the theme “Lunar Exploration”. In the form of small groups, the participating students independently conducted imaginative discussions and innovative designs on the three themes of “robot exploration and life science experiment”, “moon base” and “public science”. They imagined how to build a lunar base in the future, the possible functions, and the life science experiment of the lunar base under unmanned operation. What’s more, they also considered how to promote the new methods and technologies introduced in the aforementioned process to the public. Professor Foing and Ms. Kruijver affirmed the students' creativity. Finally, Prof. Foing issued an invitation to the students of the BIT to participate in the international cooperation project of the lunar base simulation experiment.

  Professor Deng Yulin and Prof. Foing and Ms. Kruijver conducted in-depth discussions on the detailed cooperation research between the two sides to realize the exchange and cooperation research projects between teachers and students. Professor Foing and Ms. Kruijver's report is rich in content, which has stimulated the research ideas of teachers and students and broadened the academic horizon. Teachers and students have conducted in-depth discussions on the issues in the report. The group-based discussion teaching has greatly inspired the students to think independently, boldly innovate, and the live academic atmosphere is active. The teachers and students have expressed a lot of benefits.


Introduction to the presenter

  Professor Bernard H. Foing, Ph.D.: Chief Scientist of the Research and Science Support Department of the European Space Agency, Executive Director of the ILEWG, and a project scientist involved in the SMART-1, and a co-researcher of the Mars Express project. Europe is one of the areas of which show great interest in lunar exploration in recent years. The ESA launched the SMART-1 lunar probe in 2003 to kick off the lunar exploration program. On the eve of the launch of “Chang'e-2” in China, Netease exploration conducted a mail interview with Professor Foing, Executive Director of the ESA ILEWG, and learned about the European lunar exploration and her views on the lunar exploration.

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