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BIT Successfully Held 2019 International Graduate Summer School

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     Translator: News Agency of BIT, Wu Yushan

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  In order to further expand the international perspective of graduate students, improve their international competitiveness, and strengthen their academic exchanges, Graduate School held a one-and-a-half-month graduate international summer school from July 1st to mid-August, including the dispatch of outstanding graduate students to participate in the “Overseas Summer School” and foreign professors from top international universities are invited to teach English courses in Beijing Institute of Technology (summer school on campus).

  The overseas summer school was officially held in 2017. And this year is the third period. This time, a total of 81 masters and direct graduate students were selected. They went to the first-class colleges and universities such as McGill University in Canada, Technische Universität Berlin, Israel Institute of Technology, and Linkoping University in Sweden, respectively having conducted four-week courses and research practices.

Left: students are taking part in Summer Program of Canadian McGill University
Right: students are taking part in Summer Program of Technische Universität Berlin

  The summer school on campus is hosted by the Graduate School, co-organized by the School of Aerospace Engineering, the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Computer Science and Technology, the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and the International Office. In 2019, 253 graduate students (including graduate students) and 12 foreign scholars were invited to participate. There are also 12  courses taught in English, each class is 32 hours. The course name, expert name and university are as follows:

  In 2019, the International Graduate Summer School was uniformly planned and organized by the Graduate School, and received positive responses from various schools and some teachers. The Office of Student Affairs, Logistics, Planning and Finance Department and other departments have given strong support and assistance.

  The holding of the International Graduate Summer School not only enables students to make full use of the summer vacation time, experience researching and studying in different cultural backgrounds, and improve their international communication skills. Moreover, by inviting overseas top-ranking university experts to teach in the university, the whole English curriculum construction will be integrated with the international standards, and the quality of teaching in English of BIT will be improved. In addition, it also promotes the exchanges and cooperation between BIT and internationally renowned universities, enhances the external influence of BIT, and plays a positive role in cultivating the top-notch innovative international talents.

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