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BIT Students Won Three Gold, Three Silver, One Bronze Awards in ICGA Computer Olympiad

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     Translator: News Agency of BIT, Lv Rong

    Editor: News Agency of BIT

  On August 16th, 2019, the Computer Olympiad held by ICGA came to an end in Macao. The competition lasted for 8 days. A total of 93 teams from 17 universities and organizations from the United States, France, Japan, the Netherlands, China and Chinese Taiwan participated in the competition. The artificial intelligence club from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) sent 10 teams to participate in this competition.  After fierce competition with the teams from all over the world, they finally won 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.

  The Computer Olympiad is organized by ICGA (International Computer Games Association) and has more than 20 computer game competitions. It has quite a long history of more than 10 years. Its purpose is to strengthen the communication between game researchers and furthermore promote technological breakthroughs in related fields. As the most influential and authoritative competition in the field of computer games, the competition has received great attention from all walks of life, attracting teams from the United States, France, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries to participate in it. As an important research direction in artificial intelligence, computer games is a significant scientific research foundation for the fields such as machine intelligence, military simulations and intelligent decision system. The computer games competition is based on the popularity and highly confrontation of chess and card games, combining theory and actual system construction. It aims to mobilize the enthusiasm of college students for study and research, stimulate their innovation potential, and cultivate their scientific literacy and professional practice skills.

  It was the first time that the BIT artificial intelligence club had competed in a high-level international competition since its establishment. During the competition, members of the artificial intelligence club made friends by playing chess, which not only showed the fantastic machine game research made by students of BIT to the participants from all over the world, but also became communications with scholars and teachers from all over the world for the future artificial intelligence clubs development. 

   The School of Computer Science and technology has always attached great importance to the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents. With the strong support of the Dept. of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Office of the CYL Committee and related departments, the School-level Artificial Intelligence Club has been established to provide a broader platform for students who are interested in scientific research. After nearly a year of hard work, the club members endeavored to innovate and dedicated to fight for the first place, and finally achieved fruitful scientific and technological innovations. Through this competition, the club members went a step further to recognize the shortcomings in the research and establish the future direction of innovation. It is believed that in the future practice of science and technology innovation, they will go on to make more achievements to reward their school, and convey BIT’s voice to the world.


The List of Winners:




Project Team Result
Draughts/Checkers BIT_Draught Gold
Hex 11x11 BIT_HEX11 Gold
Connect6 BIT_Connect6 Gold
Amazons BIT_Amazons Silver
Hex 13x13 BIT_HEX13 Silver
Dots and Boxes BIT_Dots Silver
EinStein Würfelt Nicht Bit_EinStein Bronze


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