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BIT Achievements Reveal in WRC

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     Translator: News Agency of BIT, Xiong Liyi

    Editor: News Agency of BIT

  On Aug. 20th, 2019, the World Robot Conference 2019 (WRC2019) opened grandly in Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center. It was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and China Association for Science and Technology and undertaken by Chinese Institute of Electronics, Beijing Bureau of Economic and Information, and management committee of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. Members of Political Bureau of the CPC Center Committee and Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC Cai Qi, vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee and chairman of China Association for Science and Technology Wan Gang, the mayor of Beijing Chen Jining, secretary of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei and party secretary of China Association for Science and Technology, executive vice chairman, first secretary of the secretariat and academician of Chinese Academy of Science Huai Jinpeng attended the opening ceremony. Themed “Intelligent Ecosysyem for a New Open Era”, WRC2019 was scheduled to be held from August 20 to August 25.

  Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) took an active part in the conference. Recommended by BIT, Cool High Tec. and BIT Zhongyun Smart Car Tec. exhibited “flying corps”, future three-dimensional traffic split-type intelligent flying car and “Cloud Brain +5G” unmanned vehicle respectively at the booth of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  BIT set up a 108-square-meter independent booth. Six-wheeled rocker-arm unmanned vehicle, ground carrier unmanned vehicle, marmot unmanned vehicle, intelligent modular full-line control chassis, double ducts flying robot, flexible soft robot, pump motor and other achievements were revealed,  receiving extensive attention from leaders, experts and other audience.

  BIT inherits the Red Gene, adheres to the notion of “morality nurtures people” and forms the trinitarian personnel training mode of “value shaping, knowledge developing and practical ability”. It aims at the world’s leading edge in scientific and technological development and important country demands, pursuing technology innovation and accumulating the strong driving source for innovation and entrepreneurship. BIT will continue to push the transformation of scientific and innovative achievements, offer strong support for the students’ innovation and entrepreneurship cultivation and fosters the main force for “public entrepreneurship and innovation”.


Exhibitor Introduction: 

  BIT Special Vehicle Researching Institute: researching direction includes vehicle dynamics and control theory, liquid mechanical integrated transmission, hybrid electric drive, amphibious flying vehicle, dynamics and control of unmanned system, tribology of mechanical system, hydraulic transmission, flexible robot. In recent years, the institute has been responsible for lots of important scientific projects, winning many science and technology awards. Research results have been widely used in various fields and make great contributions to the construction of country and the development of the national economy. 

  Cool High technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd: Founded in December, 2016 and located in Zhongguancun. It’s high and new technology industry and Gold Seed enterprise. The company hammers at changing the sky of the city with technology and makes it corporation vision. As the pathfinder of the intelligent unmanned aerial contact operations in China and the pioneer of split type flying car, they dig deeply into the fields of design, manufacture, production and marketing of the culvert aerodynamic configuration vehicle. And they become the leader of the core intelligent technology and provide perfect system solutions for land-air traffic under sticky circumstance, aiming at solving the problems in future city traffic, logistics and special projects. What they do accumulate core technology and products for three-dimensional intelligent transportation in the future, which let “Made with Wisdom” reach every corner of the world.

  BIT Zhongyun Smart Car technology Co., Ltd:  Based on BIT subject industrialization, the company responds the summons of technological result transmission positively and holds the commitment to develop serialized multifunctional civilian car and special unmanned vehicle. Product have wide application prospects in patrol, logistics, transportation, delivery, connection, traffic, police and special type. This makes contributions to the subject improvement of vehicle engineering for BIT and industrial development of intelligent car for our country.  

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