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Delegation from RWTH Visited BIT

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  Translator: Han Yu, News Agency of BIT

  Editor: News Agency of BIT


  Afternoon on September 19, Ulrich Rüdiger, president of RWTH Aachen University (RWTH), Germany, and his delegation visited Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). President Zhang Jun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering met with the guests at the Zhongguancun Campus.


  Zhang Jun warmly welcomed President Rüdiger's first visit to BIT. He reviewed the history of cooperation between the two universities for more than 10 years, and introduced the latest developments of the school. He represented that the RWTH is a well-known top university of science and technology and an important partner of our school. The two sides have established a multi-level cooperation relationship from student exchange, teacher exchange to joint research. He suggested that the two sides should further enhance the level of cooperation on the basis of good cooperation in the fields of machinery, materials, optoelectronics, chemistry and chemical industry, and promote mutual exchange of professors, scientific research cooperation and joint training of graduate students through the construction of joint laboratories and joint application for research projects of national ministries and commissions.

  Rüdiger expressed his gratitude to the hospitality of BIT. He highly appreciated the achievements of BIT in frontier areas such as electric vehicles and intelligent robots, and introduced the latest developments in RWTH in terms of personnel training, international construction and interdisciplinary research. He expressed that RWTH attaches great importance to the cooperation with BIT and hopes that the two universities will continue to strengthen cooperation in the future, and fully promote the deep communication between the professors of two sides, and carry out substantive cooperation in areas of mutual interest.


  The delegation also visited the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles and the Intelligent Center for Intelligent Robots and Systems.



  RWTH delegation also has Guo Yubao, Professor of Information Processing Mathematics , Wolfgang Bleck, Director of Non-ferrous Metals, Dieter Senk, Institute of Iron and Steel Research, Simon Münstermann, Senior Engineer of Material Chemistry, Wenwen Song, Director of Iron and Steel Metallurgy, Henriette Finsterbusch, Director of International Division, Peter Hartges, International Program Officer, René Seyfarth, International Project Officer, Liu Jie, Director of the China Office, and Yu Ji, Doctor of Biotechnology Research Institute. Relevant personnel from the School of International Office, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Optoelectronics, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Physics, School of Mathematics and Statistics attended the meeting.

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