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Organizing Committee of WRC and the International Cooperation Bureau of CAE Send a Thank-you Note to BIT

Translator: Zhang Wenrui, News Agency of BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT, Zhang Wenrui

Editor: News Agency of BIT

On September 25th, the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the World Robot Conference (WRC) sent a thank-you note to express their sincere respect and heartfelt thanks to the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) for its contribution to the successful hosting of the 2019 WRC.

From August 20th to 25th, the 2019 WRC, co-sponsored by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Association for Science and Technology, was grandly held at the Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center. The theme of the conference is “Intelligent New Ecology, Open New Era”, which was aimed at implementing the spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speech at the academician conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE), actively promoting the innovation-driven development strategy, and realizing the leap-forward development of robotics technology and industry in China.

At the conference, Cool High Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Central Cloud Intelligent Vehicle Co., Ltd., recommended by BIT, exhibited the "Flying Sky Engineer" ducted airborne robot, the future three-dimensional traffic split intelligent flight cars and "Cloud Brain + 5G" unmanned vehicles. The innovations of the Special Vehicle Research Institute of BIT, six-wheel rocker unmanned vehicle, ground carrier unmanned vehicle, groundhog unmanned vehicle, intelligent modular full-line control chassis, dual/four-duct flight robot, flexible software robot, pump motor and other technologies were unveiled. The above innovation and entrepreneurial achievements have been widely concerned by the participating leaders and experts, and the community.

121 volunteers of BIT formed the summer social practice group named “Keep aspirational and keep learning, make achievements in the field of technology” to provide service for this conference. The volunteers assisted in organizing the main forum of six major themes, 23 special forums, and participated in 18 positions including guest reception, conference center service, professional audience reception, park guidance, and international cooperation forum. In accordance with the summer social practice workflow, all volunteers participated in the pre-congress training of 2019 WRC. The training was divided into four parts: “WRC in My Eyes”, “What can I do?” “How do I do it?” “Self-evaluation”. Through the training, the volunteers learned about the overall situation of the conference, the layout of the venue, the setting of volunteers, and the duties of the work, which laid the foundation for the successful completion of the work.

A few days ago, the International Cooperation Bureau of CAE sent a thank-you note to BIT to express their gratitude for the service of the BIT volunteers in the first round of the review meetings of the 2019 academician of the CAE. The volunteer group, which was made up of 22 teachers and students from BIT, was invited to participate in the transportation guarantee service during the review meeting, which was well received by the conference organizing committee and academicians.

College students' innovation, entrepreneurship, social practice and volunteer service are important links of implementing the fundamental tasks of morality education and making the ideological and political work throughout the whole process of education and teaching. BIT will continue to strengthen education, build platforms, provide opportunities, let innovative practice results and volunteer come out at major events and on the international stage, and give full play to the second classroom's educational function.

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