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Foreign Students of BIT Have Achieved Good Results in the Third Essay Competition for International Students in China.

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  Beijing Institute of Technology Oct 8th ,2019: At the end of September 2019, the results of the third essay contest for international students in China were announced. Four foreign students of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) were awarded. Among them, Qiu Tong from the United States and Mihir from Mongolia won the second prize. The Vietnamese student, Bui Thi Dang Hong, won the third prize, and the Nigerian student Wang Ming won the excellence award.

  In this essay competition, the foreign students of our school have a deep and affectionate review of their incomprehensible relationship with China. They came to China, entered China, and understood China. They really felt the tremendous changes brought about by China's reform and opening up. Determined to cherish the opportunity to study in China and contribute to the exchanges between the country and China.

  In the first two essay contests for international students in China, our school scores are outstanding. The students have a high degree of participation and many award-winning works. The students expressed their deep feelings towards China in the article and expressed their gratitude for the good life of studying in BIT.

  With a wonderful excerpt:


  Chinese Culture with Me

  (Qiu Tong, the United States)

  What is Chinese culture? This is the first question in my mind. I believe that Chinese culture is based on the Chinese civilization and fully integrates the cultures of various regions and national cultural elements. For me, Chinese culture is really profound. The culture includes zither, chess, calligraphy, paintings, traditional festivals, folk customs and so on. It covers all the fields. The influence of Chinese culture on me is also huge.

  In Chinese culture, the concept of family is extremely important, and the concept of national integration is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In most cases, the collective is bigger than the individual, so it seems that it can explain Chinese think highly of their family so much. In Western society, people are advocating the development of individual personality. For example, when a child reaches the age of 18, he can largely be separated from the family's discipline and restraint, and have an independent life. Therefore, the family concept is not as important as the Eastern countries.  With the development of the times, science and technology, western culture has gradually penetrated into Chinese society and has also caused an impact on Chinese culture.

  I was born in the United States but grew up in a family with a strong Chinese traditional culture. On the one hand, I recited Tang poetry and Song poetry at home, listening to the story of Kong Rong and Pear; on the other hand, I was at school feeling the impact of personal interests and personal values. This kind of conflict between China and the West has caught me in the middle. Although it was painful at first, with the increase of age and experience, I gradually understood this kind of conflict and began to seriously explore the knowledge and roots behind it.


Where My Heart Settles Down,
There Would Be My Hometown.

  (Mihir, Mongolia)

  When I first came to Beijing, I was just nine years old and lived with my family in Chaoyangmen for 10 days. I remember that there is a supermarket opposite the hotel. Every time I go shopping myself, I still can't speak Chinese at that time. One day when I bought ice cream, I found that the money was not enough, but the salesperson auntie smiled and gave me an ice cream. Later, I never forgot about it. Although it was just an ice cream, this warm feeling has always remained in my heart. It made me understand the character of the Chinese.

  I feel that China's rapid development cannot be separated from the industrious, courageous and serious character of the Chinese people. They are so warm and lovely. So after graduating from high school, I wanted to study in China, and then take a look at the warm Chinese.

  In 2017, I came to Beijing to study as I wished. However, when I got off the plane, I found that China in front of me was very different from that of a child’s view. I saw a huge development in China. Now, I have been in China for two and a half years, and I am already very familiar with modern China with “mobile payment”, “resource sharing” and “developed traffic”. But this is not enough. I am still watching and exploring China because she is so charming!


  My fate with China

  (Bui Thi Dang Hong, Vietnam)

  In 2018, I was fortunate enough to be admitted as a doctoral student in BIT. For our international students, listening the Chinese language courses at this prestigious school is a very challenging task because it is very difficult and stressful. However, in order to have a bright future, I learn Chinese, study professional courses and work hard every day. In addition to learning legal knowledge, I also learned a lot of new knowledge with other foreign friends, especially artificial intelligence, a new technical science. Artificial intelligence is a key research area of BIT. I also know that the "Pure Electric Vehicle Design and Development" project has also been selected as a major scientific and technological achievement of the National Key Technology R&D Program of China during the 10th Five-Year Plan. Our international students are proud of the school's technological achievements.


  Three Expressions

  (Wang Ming, Nigeria)

  After coming to China, I found that the Chinese I saw in the movie as a child was very different from China now. China’s rapid development has shocked the world, and I am fortunate enough to see it myself.

  China has now become the second largest economic power in the world and a model for the development of all countries. In recent years, I have found that other countries are learning from China. The most obvious example is multi-functional software (super software) developed in China such as WeChat and Alipay. The development of China is like the raging waves on the sea. No one can stop the tide of her advancement.

  China, a great country, although I am an international student, I am proud of you and take pride in you.

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