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[News Feature] Italian Female Astronaut and BIT Students Share Their Flying Dreams

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  Beijing Institute of Technology Oct 10th , 2019:  “Life is like ephemera in the world, a drop in the sea. When we look back at the Earth from the space, night lights outline the contour between continents, we can't help but admire the wisdom and endlessness of human beings.” Sighed Xue Jianmin, student of Jing Gong Academy of Beijing Institute of Technology after the activity.

  On the afternoon of Oct 10th, School of Aerospace invited Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian female astronaut to visit BIT. She delivered a theme report “200 Days in Space” for over 300 students in Liangxiang Campus.

   Samantha Cristoforetti shared her experience from the perspectives in space research, life, training, and students had a more intuitive understanding of the work and life of astronauts in space. When she presented aerial photos of Earth Aurora, night scene of Beijing City, etc., all students were deeply shocked by the natural beauty of the earth and the beauty of human civilization. When she talked about the experience of training together with Chinese astronauts and mentioned her Chinese name “Shasha”, everyone felt that the foreign astronaut who can speak Chinese and has a Chinese name is very down-to-earth. In the report, the audience repeatedly gave warm applause.


  “As a female, how to be an excellent astronaut like you?”, “What is the most unforgettable thing in space?”, “Would you like to pay a visit to Tiangong Space Station?”, in the exchange, the students actively raised their hands to ask questions, and Samantha Cristoforetti answered with enthusiasm. When students asked what can a university do for the aerospace industry, Samantha Cristoforetti replied:” When you strive to learn advanced knowledge, always dare to innovate, therefore, you are reserving strength for the future aerospace industry of mankind”.

  After the symposium, Zhang Yun, deputy secretary and vice director of the School of Aerospace, presented the commemorative certificate of the “Baijia Lecture Hall” to Samantha Cristoforetti on behalf of BIT.


    Afterwards, Beijing Institute of Technology's Aero-modelling team brought a model flight show to Samantha Cristoforetti and students at the Liangxiang Campus Playground. Members of the aero-modelling team conducted in-depth exchanges on model making and flight technology with Samantha Cristoforetti, and presented her with the model which won a championship in the 2018 British International College Student Design Competition.

  “Through listening to Samantha’s report”, I realize the hardships and difficulties of becoming an astronaut, and I understand that the realization of the dream needs to be persistence. As an astronaut, I will continue studying hard, face difficulties bravely, to make my contribution in China’s aerospace industry”, said Zhu Hongzheng about his feeling excited towards his friends after completion of the activity.

   This activity is headed by Department of Aircraft Control, School of Aerospace, all disciplines in School of Aerospace collaborated each other, which is an important practice of “Three Al-round Education” in School of Aerospace.


A brief introduction to the lecturer:

  Samantha Cristoforetti is Italy's first female astronaut, and the third female astronaut of the European Space Agency. On Nov 23rd, 2014, she entered the space on the "Union" TMA-15M spacecraft, after 200 days in the international space station, she returned to the earth on June 11th, 2015. This is the longest space flight time record in Europe. In July, 2015, she was awarded with Italian Republic’s highest honor medal-Knight Grand Cross.

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