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President of the AIT visits BIT

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Oct 23th, 2019: On the afternoon of October 18, Dr. Weng Yideng, president of the Asian Institute of Technology(AIT), led a delegation to visit Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT). Academician Zhang Jun met with guests at Zhongguancun campus.


  Zhang Jun welcomed President Weng to visit BIT and showed them the developing history of our school, the latest scientific research and innovation achievements and the construction of internationalization. He said: Thailand is an important country along the "the Belt and Road " line, and BIT together with the AIT have good prospects for cooperation. He suggested that the two schools should combine each other's advantages, strengthen innovation and publicity in the field of joint training of foreign students, enhance multi-level exchanges in the fields of communications, materials, management, and students' innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly create a good international environment for teachers and students.


  Weng thanked our school for its warm reception. He briefed President Zhang on the basic situation and idea of running the Asian Institute of Technology. He said that BIT is an important partner of the AIT, and in the future the school will set up a "the Belt and Road " research center to promote scientific research cooperation in related fields through joint student training programs on the basis of the existing cooperation between the two sides.


  Subsequently, Zhang Jun and Weng Yideng jointly signed the Memorandum of Agreement on the Joint training Project between BIT and AIT.


  After the meeting, the delegation visited the Intelligent Robot and System Advanced Innovation Center.


  Members of the delegation of AIT also serve as senior affairs officers in the International Branch. The related personnel of International Office and Office of International Student attended the meeting.

News Source: International Office

Photography: International Office

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translator: Zhao Shengtao, News Agency of BIT

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