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BIT Professor won the CCF-IEEE CS Young Scientist Award

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  Beijing Institute of Technology Oct 17th ,2019: On Oct 17th, CNNC (China National Computer Congress) 2019 was started at Suzhou Jinji Lake International Conference Center, and the congress was hosted by China Computer Federation and co-sponsored by Suzhou Industrial Park Administration Committee. On the occasion of CNCC 2019, the CCF Awards Ceremony was held on October 18th at the Jinji Lake International Conference Center in Suzhou. Over 500 guests, including CCF directors and supervisors, CNNC representatives, representatives of major media and sponsoring agencies and representative of international cooperative academic organizations, gathered at the CNCC2019 Awards Ceremony to witness and share the moment of honor and joy.


  IEEE CS president Cecilia Metra (first from the right) conferred Professor Zhang Meihui (second from the right) the award


  The CCF-IEEE CS Young Scientist Awards were presented at the CNNC Award Ceremony. Established in 2010, the CCF-IEEE CS Young Scientist Awards are granted to young scholars who have achieved outstanding achievements and important contributions in scientific research and who are not aged over 40. The award has been selected and granted by CCF and IEEE Computer Society (CS) since 2016, and is now sponsored by Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Bao Yungang from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yin Yitong from Nanjing University, Zhang Meihui from Beijing Institute of Technology are granted with the CCF-IEEE CS Young Scientist Award. The winners made outstanding contributions to new architecture and open source chip practices, data complexity theory and computational phase transition theory, mining and fusion analysis of big data correlation. And the three winners will attend the award ceremony of IEEE CS in the US in June, 2020.

  Reason for Professor Zhang Meihui’s award is: in recognition of Dr. Zhang Meihui's outstanding contributions to the mining and fusion analysis of big data correlation, CCF and IEEE CS decides to award her the "CCF-IEEE CS Young Scientist Award" in 2019.

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