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BIT Students achieved excellent results in the 8th Beijing International Student Chinese Star Contest

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Nov 29th, 2019: On November 29th, 2019, the semi-finals and finals of the 8th Beijing International Student "Chinese Star" Contest were successfully concluded on Beijing TV. After fierce competition, Huang Jingyi, a 2018 Malaysian undergraduate majoring in international economics and trade, won the honorary title of "Top Ten Chinese Stars" in this contest. Zeldi, a 2018 Kazakh undergraduate majoring in international economics and trade won the winner award of "Chinese Star". The instructors Zhai Wenting and Liu Zhe of the two contestants won the "Best Tutor Award" and the "Superior Tutor Award". BIT won the "Excellent Organization Award" for its good organization, active participation, full support and successful hosting of the audition competition. This is the third time that BIT students have won the honor of the "Top Ten Chinese Star" in Beijing (the first two were the 5th in 2013 and the 6th contest in 2015).


  The "Chinese Star" contest for foreign students in Beijing is hosted by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Language and Work Commission. It has successfully held seven sessions since 2009, and has attracted more than 5,000 foreign students from many countries around the world. It has become an important platform for foreign students in Beijing to improve their level of Chinese language, demonstrate the results of education in Beijing, and introduce Chinese culture. which has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm and interest of Chinese students studying in Beijing. Since the official launch of the competition, a total of 1,315 foreign students from 33 universities in Beijing have signed up to participate; the contest lasted for 8 months, from preliminary rounds, rematches, semi-finals to finals, ten "Chinese Stars" finally came out.


  In the BIT division, more than 200 foreign students from 56 countries actively participated in the auditions. The number of participants and number of the country of students reached a record high. Through selections, 21 BIT foreign students entered the preliminary round, competing with more than 130 foreign students from other colleges and universities to fight for 60 places in the rematch. In the preliminary round, 7 BIT international students broke through and successfully advanced to the rematch, making BIT the university with the largest number of students entering rematches. In the rematches in October, Huang Jingyi and Zeldi stood out from the rematches with their solid Chinese skills and steady live performance, and successfully advanced to the final semifinals and finals. They competed with 18 international students from other universities and fought for the honorary title of "Chinese Star" in the 8th Beijing International Student Chinese Star Contest.


  The semi-final is idiom flying order, Huang Jingyi and Zeldi showed extraordinary proficiency in Chinese and extremely high accumulation in idiom culture in the competition, ranking ahead in the competition. In the finals, Zeldi spoke eloquently about the great deeds of the Chinese medical team against Ebola in Africa in 2014. Zeldi made people see how the Chinese medical aid team have fought against the "death" for Africa regardless of their own safety. The great benevolence and bravery of the Chinese heroes spoken from Zeldi have moved the on-site judges and audience. Huang Jingyi told the touching story of Chen Yanxian, the representative of the first-generation forester in Saihanba Forest Farm. Her speech focused on "ordinary and great", naturally flexible, lively and interesting. The touching deeds of Saihanba people in exchange for youth, sweat, and life for millions of acres of forests and seas and the green miracle with the most beautiful youth are vividly presented in front of the judges and audience, and have received high praise.


  BIT attaches great importance to the teaching of Chinese language for foreign students, and has continuously innovated teaching methods, enriched means of teaching, and improved teaching quality through various approaches, and has formed a teaching system of Chinese as a foreign language with reasonable curriculum, advanced means, diverse forms, scientific content and distinctive features. With strong faculty, a background in science and engineering, and outstanding Chinese proficiency have become an important label and strong competitiveness for foreign students in BIT. In the future, BIT will continue to promote Chinese culture while actively training high-quality international talents, and actively encourage foreign students at BIT to study Chinese and explore Chinese culture, will strengthen mutual learning with friends from various countries, continuously improve the foreign students’ practical application ability of Chinese and help them have a understanding of the Chinese humanities, history and culture.


  "Study in BIT", accompany with you. We wish more outstanding foreign students can go to the world stage, bloom in the north, and realize the dream of life!



Recollections from winners of this contest

  Huang Jingyi (Tutor: Zhai Wenting)

  From the audition to the finals, lasting for 2 semesters, although I have paid a lot along the way, I have harvested a lot. Thanks very much to all the teachers at the International Student Center for the mentoring and hard work for me. In this contest, my tutor’s rigorous training and careful guidance helped me quickly improve my Chinese proficiency and expression ability. Her meticulous patience and quite dedication moved me deeply. Also, I am very happy to join the vast platform, “Chinese Star”, which makes me recognize myself again. I firmly believe that efforts will be rewarded, and I will realize my dream of life through unremitting efforts.


  Zeldi (Tutor: Liu Zhe)

  In this "Chinese Star" contest, I have gained a trophy, what’s more, I have gained also a new understanding of Chinese language and culture. In this contest, I truly understood what a Chinese hero is, and I deeply felt this great Chinese affection. Also, I also discovered new shining points in myself, and strengthened my determination to continuously explore my potential. Most importantly, I want to thank all the teachers in the International Student Center for their support and dedication. Thank BIT for providing me with this stage and opportunity to show myself. I wish BIT to have a broader road ahead.


A brief introduction of the students who have won the honor of the top ten "Chinese Star" in Beijing:

  Charles, a Rwandan, graduated with a 2012 master's degree in biomedical engineering from BIT, and was awarded the honorary title of the 5th Top Ten Chinese Stars in Beijing in 2013. He has achieved outstanding performance in BIT, and actively participated in various competitions and cultural and sports activities. He has won prizes in Chinese competitions and debates on and off campus.


  Solomon, Ethiopian, 2013 undergraduate majoring in computer science and technology in BIT, won the honorary title of the 6th “Top Ten Chinese Stars” in Beijing in 2015. He is versatile and has performed well in BIT. He has won awards in a number of cultural events such as recitations, basketball, and sports games. He is now a 2018 student for a master's degree in Computer Science and Technology with good performance.


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