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Paper of BIT Academician Sun Fengchun's Team was Selected as One of China's 100 Most Influential International Academic Papers in 2018

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Nov 22nd, 2019: On November 19, Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China held the 2019 China science and technology papers statistical results press conference in Beijing. A team of academician Sun Fengchun from Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles published a paper “A lithium-ion battery-in-the-loop approach to test and validate multiscale dual H infinity filters for state-of-charge and capacity estimation” (authors: Chen Cheng, Xiong Rui and Shen Weixiang) in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics. And the paper is selected as one of " the 100 most influential international academic papers in China 2018 ". The research team has won the award of "China's 100 most influential international academic papers" for four times. Professor Sun Fengchun, professor Xiong Rui and professor He Hongwen of the team were also in the list of "International Highly-Cited Researchers " of Clarivate Analytics in 2019.


  Chen Cheng, the first author of the award-winning paper, is a doctoral student in the School of Mechatronical Engineering of BIT, supervised by academician Sun Fengchun and professor Xiong Rui (corresponding author of the paper). The paper focuses on the modeling of electric vehicle power battery systems, the problem of state estimation and its application. In view of the applicating difficulty of traditional state estimation algorithm under the condition of low-precision battery model and unknown noise statistics feature, the collaborative estimation algorithm based on both multiple time scales double H infinity filter power battery charged state and capacity is established to improve the robustness of state estimation. The simulation results of hardware in loop show that the method can estimate the state of power battery accurately and quickly. In the meantime, the error of power battery estimation is less than 2%. The paper was also selected as “ESI highly-cited paper” and “ESI hot paper”.


  Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China began "China's most influential international academic papers" evaluation work in 2007, with a purpose to promote the publication of high-impact and high-quality scientific and technological papers in China. And the wide publication is expected to further improve the international influence of Chinese science and technology and to promote the transfer China's paper pattern from the quantity-oriented to quality-oriented. The evaluation method uses an integrated method combined both qualitative and quantitative, that is, a combination of both literature measurement and expert evaluation. This year's winning papers belong to 75 institutions, among which 76 are from universities and colleges, 14 are from research institutes, and 10 are from university affiliated hospitals and other hospitals.


This award is the 6th time that BIT teachers have won the award.

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