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Professor Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu, Dean of the School of Law, University of Manchester, Appointed as a Member of the Expert Advisory Committee of Institute of International Disputes Prevention and Settlement of BIT

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Nov 22nd, 2019: On January 20, Professor Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu, President of the Law School of University of Manchester visited Beijing University of Technology(BIT) Law School and was appointed as a member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Institute of International Dispute Prevention and Settlement of BIT. Professor Li Shouping, dean of BIT School of Law, awarded Professor Hodu a letter of appointment, and carried out in-depth exchanges between the School of Law of BIT and Law School of University of Manchester on student exchanges, teacher exchange visits, academic cooperation, and so on.


  After the appointment ceremony, Professor Hodu gave a lecture entitled "Brexit and China: How will separating the egg from the omelette impact UK-China relationship" for teachers and students from the School of Law. Professor Hodu analyzed the deep causes of Brexit from the aspects of economy, society, law and culture, and explained the possible influence of Brexit on Sino-British relations. "China is the second-largest trading partner of the European Union, and it is not only a problem in the UK and the European Union, but also the relationship between the two sides on how to maintain a common growth and an inclusive development," said Prof. Hodu. After the lecture, Professor Hodu introduced the basic situation of the Law School of the University of Manchester and his master's degree in law, doctor's professional and related academic exchange programs.


About Professor Yenkong Ngangjoh Hodu:


  He is Dean of School of Law, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, Dean of School of Central European Law, University of Manchester. Professor Hodu's main research areas are international economic law and public international law. His representative works are Theories and Practices of Compliance with WTO Law, The Political Economy of WTO Implementation and China approach to Litigation in the WTO and WTO Dispute Settlement System and the Issue of Compliance: Perspectives in Remedies Against Non-Compliance, and so on. Professor Hodu has been nominated as a judge of the WTO Appellate body and has served as a teaching or visiting scholar at famous universities and research institutions at home and abroad, such as Helsinki University, Max Planck Institute of Comparative Public Law and International Law, Peking University, Fudan University, Wuhan University and so on.


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