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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of BIT Reported by Science

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Nov 26th, 2019: On Nov 12th, 2019, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE) at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) was reported by Science in its Advertorials column introducing the detail disciplines, research achievements and global outreach of the SCCE and highlighted multi-metal oxygen cluster research, energy conversion and green chemistry research, etc. which are followed by Guoyu Yang’s group who won National Natural Science Second Prize in 2016 and Kening Sun’ group who won National Technology Invention Second Award. Besides, it was reported that in the basic of the platform constructing, faculty and talent training, the SCCE would combine with the Double First-rate construction of BIT, with the use of the Triple One Center to strengthen the international visibility of BIT’s chemistry and chemical engineering programs.


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The brief Introduction of the SCCE:


  The school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE) at the BIT was founded in Northwestern China as the Yan’an Research Academy of Natural Sciences and merged with the Department of Chemistry of Université Franco-Chinoise, which was founded in the capital in 1920. Its current form was created in 2016 after a number of mergers and reinventions. The SCCE has 123 faculty members including 4 winners of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, 5 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 1 leading talent of science and technology innovation in the national ten thousand talents plan, three national level candidates for the one billion project, 10 young talents including winners of the National Excellent Youth Fund, 9 New Century Excellent Talents of the Ministry of education, and 1 Chang Jiang Scholar innovation team of the Ministry of Education. At present, the SCCE has two first-class disciplines, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Technology. Chemistry is one of the key disciplines in the "characteristic science" discipline group of the BIT. According to the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) ranking, the SCCE is now in the top 1.6‰ globally, ranked at number 198 in ESI’s international listings. Chemical engineering discipline ranks 201-250 in QS international ranking, and a discipline in the fourth round of discipline evaluation in China (tied for 8th place). The discipline research of the SCCE has always been adhering to the history of Yan'an root of the BIT, committed to the national defense and major national needs, and been carrying out research on the cutting-edge originality of Chemistry and chemical industry, and the combination of production, study and research.


News Source: School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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