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BIT Team of Snow Carving Makes Great Achievements in the International Snow Carving Competition for College Students

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Jan 8th, 2020: On the afternoon of January 7th, 2020, the 12th international snow carving competition for college students was successfully held in the city of Harbin, also known as the “Ice City”. With the exceptional idea and delicate ability of carving, the snow sculpture named Red Gene from Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) has won the most outstanding prize and the most creative prize. 55 college teams in total from China, Australia, France and other countries got involved in the final competition and competed at the scene.


  Team of BIT has participated in the contest for ten years and has won the most outstanding prize for four times since 2011.


  Snow sculpture · Red Gene


  This time the snow sculpture from BIT utilizes the Red Boat as the foundation and it is based on the shape of rock. The DNA helix structure on the lateral of the snow carving implies the pass of the red spirit from generation to generation. There is a huge historical scroll on the rock showing the achievements that Communist Party of China has made through the years.


  “For this competition, we design the snow sculpture using the shape of rock to hold up the Red Boat. The front of the scroll shows the process from the beginning of the wheat with grass to the wheat harvesting, implying our great country has achieved a lot nowadays through hardships. At the same time, on the back of the scroll, we design the pagoda of Yanhe River as the initial point of the BIT. Roads, bridges, vehicles and internet are also put into consideration to highlight the development of our country in the new era. At the top of the Red Boat, we design the pigeon from the element of the logo of BIT, which shows the spirits of pursuing peace and progressing with perseverance.” Ren Guangqi, leader of the snow carving team of BIT, introduced.


  With the guidance of the school, the team of snow carving initially decided to take the Red Roat as the creation theme in the stage of planning and designing. In order to present the Red Boat truly and convey the spirit of the Red Boat accurately, the team of snow carving took part in study and practice activities. At the end of November, the temporary branch of the Communist Party of China in the team of snow carving went to the south lake of Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province taking the clay draft of the Red Boat modified for several times to carry out practical study. At the end of December, they also attended to visit the exhibition of great achievements of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China.


  On January 4th, 2019, the snow carving competition begun at Harbin. Getting over the freezing temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius and guided by the temporary branch of the Communist Party of China, the team of BIT showed the high standard of professional ability of carving. Even if the temperature was extremely low and the natural environment was harsh, the team successfully finished their snow sculpture with everyone’s effort and the spirit of perseverance. They put the spirit of the Red Boat to the sculpture and glow the ice and snow with much vitality.


  At the scene of the contest, all the members of the temporary branch of the Communist Party of China solemnly swear facing the snow carving of the Red Boat. The mission of students from BIT is expressed by the snow carving competition and their snow masterpiece of the Red Boat. (photo and text by: Jia Mengjie, Beijing institute of technology)



Translator: Liu Luchen, News Agency of BIT

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