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BIT: No Class Suspension, All Online Teaching

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Feb 9th, 2020: In order to prevent and control the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection of pneumonia and ensure the normal teaching order, BIT will postpone the opening of the spring semester of 2020. However, online teaching will be used to ensure the normal study of the students during this period.
     Thanks to the advantages of network information technology education and teaching and combined with MOOC teaching and other methods, the online teaching will be conducted remotely by the teachers according to the original class time on the BIT “Happy Learning” Platform. Before the start of all courses, course files shall be established on this Platform. Teachers should receive training in advance and be prepared to complete teaching tasks with high quality.

Teachers use the “Happy Learning” Platform for remote teaching
     The teachers use “PPT dubbing + courseware release + online Q&A + homework inspection” and other forms of teaching. One to two weeks before the scheduled start of the course, the teacher should establish the course on the Platform, release the course resources according to the original teaching calendar, release the audio teaching materials matching the PPT of the course in advance according to the schedule time, and provide remote online guidance to the students. Teachers can record attendance based on students’ participation in online learning, homework completion, etc., and perform assessment according to attendance, homework and examination. In the case of the same course taught in multiple classes by different teachers, the PPT can be dubbed by only one teacher.

     The “Happy Learning” Platform is an online teaching platform operated by BIT for years. On this platform, teachers can make and collect assignments according to the teaching week, upload and share teaching materials, carry out Q&A and mini-tests, count and analyze scores; students can download teaching resources, complete homework, and exchange and discuss learning content, etc.

Teachers guide online learning with existing high-quality MOOC resources
      Teachers can select high-quality MOOC resources to assist teaching activities. Courses include MOOC recorded by teachers of the school and courses selected from MOOC courses (China University) and online school platforms. (Picture by Jia Mengjie, BIT)


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