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The International Exchange of Postgraduates of BIT Hits a Record High in 2019

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Feb 7th, 2020: In 2019, for the first time, the number of international exchanges among postgraduates of BIT surpassed 1000, an increase of 28% over 781 in 2018. Among them, 191 national postgraduate programs have been approved, which hits a record high; the school has funded 50 co-cultivators, 80 students attending one-month summer schools at famous foreign universities, and nearly 700 students attending academic activities abroad. More than 66% of doctoral students have gone abroad during their school years, of which 40% are sent to the top 100 universities in the world. 2 new agreements on double doctorates have been signed, and the agreement on double degree has been signed with 10 famous foreign universities at present. Foreign professors are invited to teach 10 all-English courses in summer, and 175 international graduate students with degrees and 139 international graduate students with doctorates and master’s degrees are enrolled. 26 majors taught in English have been established, 200 all-English courses have been opened and shared by the whole school, including 2 brand courses approved by the Ministry of Education as “Brand English Course for Study in China”. In addition, the new English Portal of Graduate School has expanded the international publicity of graduate education of BIT.

  International exchange plays an important role in broadening the international horizon and improving the academic level of postgraduates. In order to accelerate the level of international education for postgraduates, BIT has attached great importance to international exchange in recent years and has adopted a number of work measures. Through top-level planning, mobilization in advance, organization of training, expert guidance, postgraduates are actively mobilized and organized to apply for national public projects; A special scholarship is set up for international exchanges to fund the joint training of outstanding doctoral students; International academic conferences and short-term exchange mechanism are established for graduate students at different levels, regions and grades; Cooperation is made with International Affairs to actively expand the signing of double degree program with foreign high-level universities; All-English courses are systematically opened for postgraduates as well as the homogeneous training for postgraduates studying abroad; The postgraduate international education management will be strengthened, joint training programs for outstanding postgraduates experience exchanges, etc. will be held, and the number of postgraduates international exchanges and the quality of international training will be greatly enhanced.

  In order to better expand the international perspective of postgraduates and improve their international competitiveness, BIT has now fully implemented the “Double 100%” plan for them. Starting from 2018, full-time non-directional academic doctors are required to have 100% international exchange experience during their study period, and academic masters are required to take one all-English course.

  Confronted with the future, Graduate School will further strengthen the international education of postgraduates, broaden the international horizon of postgraduates, improve the international exchange ability of postgraduates, cultivate high-quality degree international postgraduates, and contribute to the construction of “Double First-Class” of BIT.


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