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BIT Adopt Multiple Measures for Coronavirus Prevention and Control Work of International Students

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Oct 7th , 2020: Since the war against novel coronavirus began, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) adopt multiple measures to carry out prevention and control work of the epidemic among foreign students. Strictly implementing the decision-making arrangements of higher-level units and various prevention and control requirements of the school,  BIT actively take various measures, take initiative to shoulder responsibility for the control work, ensure implementation of the prevention plan, and make every effort to ensure the health of overseas students and the security of the campus.

  Well-organized coordination: On January 20th, Office of International Students set up a working group to arrange the prevention and control of the epidemic for international students in BIT. BIT has made the prevention and control plan for international students as soon as possible to ensure the prevention and control work is carried out in an orderly manner. During the winter vacation, all staffs of Office of International Students stay on duty and keep in touch with each other 24 hours through the WeChat working group. Since January 27th, Office of International Students has been holding a video conference through the "Learning Power APP" at 8 o 'clock every night to report daily work progress, update student data, solve prominent problems, arrange work and strengthen deployment and coordination. All international student counselors keep mobile phones open 24 hours, deal with all kinds of situations timely, coordinate to solve students' difficulties and problems, and carry out comforting and guiding work. Office of International Students also raised funds from various sources to purchase a batch of surgical masks, thermometers, temperature-measuring guns and disinfection supplies to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  Accurate grasp of data: On January 20th, Office of International Students, through all international student counselors, started the work of collecting basic data about students' situation, and completed the work that night. Subsequently, information concerning on-campus accommodation, off-campus rental, person movements, departure situation and other circumstances are strictly collected on a daily basis, covering over 600 students. At the same time, BIT also adopt different methods to strength the grasp of dynamic information and do a good job in updating and checking daily data. In response to the requirements of China Scholarship Council, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Fangshan Public Security Sub-bureau Exit and Entry administration brigade and our school, Office of International Students submit relevant data in time every day.

  Timely publicity and guidance: In view of the particularity of the group of overseas students, BIT strives to fulfil satisfactorily the tasks of propagation and guidance. Through online channels such as WeChat public account and student notification group, Office of International Students timely issues official notification information and safety protection tips to students, disseminates epidemic prevention knowledge and control requirements, and strengthens health education and awareness of prevention. The WeChat public account of "Studying Abroad in BIT" has released nearly 20 pieces (including reprinting) in total, carefully translated more than 10 pieces of important notice and messages, and issued more than 100 notices to students WeChat group. Office of International Students has also issued the “A letter to all BIT International Students”, calling for students’ obedience of school arrangement and scientific protection to ensure students’ health and safety. Office of International Students has also made electronic questionnaires on the notice of extension of winter vacation and collected students’ feedbacks in time, in order to ensure that every student can know the extension of winter vacation and promise not to arrive school early. The recovery rate reached 100%.

  Strict management of student: Due to the different customs and habits, around 75% of the overseas students stays in school during winter vacation, so the task of prevention and control is heavy and stressful. Therefore, BIT strengthens the prevention and control measures for overseas students, explicitly requiring students not to leave the university; Students who leave the university or return home are requested to inform the counselor in advance; Students who do not live on campus should not go back to school; Students who live outside the campus should reduce travel. For on-campus accommodation students, staff need to conduct in-depth study and regularly check the housing situation. Counselors conduct spot checks on students every day. Students in other cities in China are also required to stay put and report their personal information daily.

  Keep a tight grip on the apartment: In the first time, BIT has implemented the registration system on the international students' apartment building. The management personnel of the apartment building shall strictly check against the list, so as to accurately grasp the specific trend of students, keep good records of personnel changes, and forbid non-resident students from entering. Under the publicity and education of BIT, the frequency of entering and leaving the apartment in the two campuses has dropped significantly. And the entering and leaving are mainly for canteen dining and on-campus purchasing. The staff shall check the dormitory regularly, require students to do daily ventilation, keep indoor air circulation. The overall disinfection and cleaning of the apartment building are strengthened, including classroom, corridor, staircase, toilet, laundry and other public areas disinfection, reaching 3 times a day. By integrating and optimizing resources, BIT has arranged students living in NO. 16 apartment and comprehensive service building into NO. 14 apartment in batches to strengthen management and service guarantee.

  Strengthen care and concern: BIT always pays attention to the students' ideological trends and guides students to treat the epidemic situation properly, to protects scientifically and to maintain a good attitude. Through WeChat communication, telephone contact and other ways, the relative staff strengthen communication with students, timely understand the difficulties and needs of students, enjoin students to protect themselves, regularly check temperature for the students. At the same time, Office of International Students do a good job in the emotional comfort of students' parents, take the initiative to keep in touch with students and inform students timely. The measures make the majority of students' parents fully understand and agree. At present, the students staying in the school live in an orderly way and are emotionally stable. The students express their support and gratitude for the prevention and control measures adopted by BIT. They are full of confidence in overcoming the epidemic.

  Students be with China: "Raise supplies, bless China, support Wuhan, care for Alma Mater..."Although BIT international students are not Chinese and from all around the world, they try their best to do the same in different countries.

  BIT doctoral student SHAHZAD WASEEM and graduate student RAZA HAMID, both from Pakistani, 2018, had already returned home when the outbreak occurred. Seeing that the epidemic situation is more and more severe, they immediately contacted their colleagues and friends in government to help the Pakistani government raise medical supplies donations for China. The first batch of supplies they raised arrived in Wuhan on Feb. 1st, including 300,000 face masks, 800 sets of protective suits and 6,800 pairs of medical gloves. “China is my second home,” they said. “I feel so much love and support here. I will do everything I can to help my hometown through the difficulties and stay there. China and Pakistan are friends forever!”

  Noureldin, a undergraduate of BIT, 2018 from Egyptian also expressed his blessings and care for China. He bought 500 medical respirators to China by himself, sending the supplies over across oceans and mountains. He said "What I can do is too small. I hope that I can continue to do something for China's friends through my own strength ".

  Li Shiqinglu, a Vietnamese alumnus who has graduated from BIT and returned to Vietnam, spontaneously joined the "Love in Vietnam" non-governmental donation activity organized by Vietnamese students, and actively purchased masks in Vietnam and sent them to Hubei. Li Shiqinglu said: "These masks donations to China are from Vietnamese international student group, translation group, tour group of public welfare. There are a lot of people in the group are students studying in China or learning Chinese in Vietnam. Many students also actively raise donations in other ways, trying their best to make contributions. All of us wish China can defeat the virus as soon as possible. We hope the Chinese people are safe and health!

  "Big disaster, big love”. As Chinese work together to fight against the novel coronavirus, the international students of BIT around the world also speak with one voice. The power of love comes from every corner of the world, and they all speak with one voice: "Come on, Wuhan! China will win!". Many students also sent their best wishes and care to the teachers of BIT in the first time. Many parents of students expressed their support and affirmation for the prevention and control of the epidemic in BIT in the first time, and expressed their confidence in China's victory over the novel coronavirus and their wishes for the health of the Chinese people.

  In this war against novel coronavirus, BIT will continue to implement the prevention and control arrangements, spare no effort in the outbreak prevention and control work for international students, grasp the details, implement the plans, fulfill the duties, work together to win the war against novel coronavirus. 


News Source: Office of International Students

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translation: News Agency of BIT, Miao Yufei

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