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One Heart, One Voice! Pakistan Students from BIT Organize Activity Spontaneously: Support Wuhan,Bless China!

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, Feb 10th, 2020: Gather together in BIT no far near, far away from heart as if adjacent. China and Pakistan have a long-lasting friendship, and love will lead them with the same voice.

  On February 8th, Ammar, a Pakistani alumnus from Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), launched the activity "join hands to make a sound, bless Wuhan and cheer for China" , which was echoed by many students and graduated alumni of BIT, they all named their Wechat names in the way of "BIT + name", showing their warm-hearted solidarity in the Friend Circle : "Go Wuhan! Go China!". In a moment, the Friend Circles of international students and teachers of BIT were filled with the flags of China and Pakistan and the blessings from Batie international students.

  Ammar Muhammad, the sponsor of this relay solidarity activity, is a postgraduate student in Control Science and Engineering of our school in 2014. Ammar stayed in Beijing to work and was granted Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card of People’s Republic of China in last December. He is not only the deputy secretary-general of the Professional Committee for overseas students in China of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, but also the head of the international alumni Wechat group of BIT. Faced with the current situation of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus infection, he and his colleagues on the committee jointly launched the "handwritten blessing, great love" activity to collect handwritten greetings from friends in Pakistan (still in progress). At the same time, the activity "join hands to make a sound, bless Wuhan and cheer for China" was launched among the international alumni group of BIT, 50 alumni of which have responded positively within one day.

  We immediately contacted this international alumnus of BIT, who is deeply concerned about China and has great love for China. For further details, let's have a look at what he has to say.


News Source: Office of International Students

Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translation: News Agency of BIT, Liu Lirui

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