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Warmth from Thousands of Miles away——Partner International Institutions of BIT Actively Support China to Fight against the NCP!

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Since the outbreak of the NCP (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia),
China’s resolute measures to fight against it
have received the concern and support of world-friendly countries and people.

Since the end of January,
partner international institutions of BIT
have also expressed their sympathy and support to China and BIT
in fighting against the NCP through e-mails and other ways,
and actively assisted us in dealing with
the communication between teachers and students.

  Guillermo Cisneros, the President of The Technical University of Madrid, Guido Saracco, the President of Polytechnic University of Turin, Stuart N. McCutcheon, the President of The University of Auckland, Eden Y Woon, the President of Asian Institute of Technology, Andrew J Deeks, the President of University College Dublin, and Robert van de Noort, the President of University of Reading, all wrote to BIT at the first time of the outbreak of the NCP, expressing sympathy and support to our all teachers and students. All partner international institutions will do their best to cooperate with us in the adjustment of the cooperative project plans due to the situation of NCP. Moreover, The Technical University of Madrid has also set up special funds for temporary adjustments of projects such as exchange students.

  Besides, Cardiff University, University of Birmingham, University of Orleans, University of Technology Sydney, Monash University, University of British Columbia, University of Saskatchewan, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Israel Institute of Technology and National University of Malaysia, etc. have sent emails or WeChat messages to express their sympathy, solicitude for and strong support for us. The Confucius Institute at University of Lagos and the Confucius Institute at University of Saskatchewan, which are co-built with BIT, have sent videos to support us.

  Facing the new situation of overseas exchanges between teachers and students brought about by the situation of NCP, BIT made the fastest response and decision-making as quick as possible, which not only got the full understanding of the partner international institutions, but also received more support and cooperation. With the strong support of all parties, China will win the battle against the NCP!

Although it is miles away and crossing rivers and seas,
the friendship has never changed.

No matter where and when,
we will always be together,
and our wills will unite like a fortress to overcome the difficulties.


Editor: News Agency of BIT

Translation: News Agency of BIT

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