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BIT Participates in the “Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative” Webinar

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  Beijing Institute of Technology, April 3rd, 2020:Recently, the “Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative (CEM CCUS Initiative)” webinar was successfully held. The theme of this webinar is “progress and layout for carbon, capture, utilization and storage in China”. Wei Yiming, the founding director of the center for energy and environmental policy research at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), was invited to make a report and in charge of organizing all the academic reports in this webinar. Around 200 delegates from over 30 countries including China, the United States, Canada and Australia participated in the webinar, they come from international organizations like Battelle, Environmental Defense Fund, government organizations such as Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic of China, United States Department of Energy, research institutes from Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University, Zhejiang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and BIT.

  In the opening ceremony of this webinar, Juho, the coordinator of the Clean Energy Ministerial CCUS Initiative introduced the development process of “CEM CCUS Initiative”, then the office director of Administrative Center for China’s agenda 21, Zhang Xian introduced the development status of CCUS in China as a whole. The three academic report speakers of this webinar all come from BIT, the founding director of CEEP-BIT, Wei Yiming, represented China CCUS roadmap establishment group introduced systematically the roadmap for carbon capture, utilization and storage technology in China (2019), and proposed policy suggestions with Chinese adaptability. Dr. Liu Lancui, professor of Beijing Normal University and guest researcher of CEEP-BIT introduced the results of cooperation with CEEP-BIT “achieve CCUS optimized layout under the global ‘2℃ targets’ and the layout plan of China's CCUS technology”. CEEP-BIT researcher Kang Jianing shared the latest research result "CCUS Technology Prospects in China's Electric Power Industry" and proposed a corresponding 4-stage development strategy. During the discussion, global scholars gave complimentary remarks to the research results of the three reports, raised in depth questions, and showed strong interest in the future intensive cooperation in CCUS field.

  It is reported that created in 2010, CEM is a global forum where major economies and forward leaning countries work together to share best practices and promote policies and programs that encourage and facilitate the transition to a global clean energy economy. This webinar aims to build a cooperative platform for Chinese and global CCUS experts, share the developments and trends of CCUS in China, promote the development of CCUS worldwide.


News Source & Editor: CEEP-BIT CCUS
Translator: Huang Mingyu,News Agency of BIT

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