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Good News | Beijing Institute of Technology Students Won Outstanding Winner Award

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  The students of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) won the Outstanding Winner in the 2020 American College Mathematical Contest in Modeling!

  Recently, the winners of the 2020 American College Mathematical Contest in Modeling were announced. A team of 3 students from 2017 undergraduates Yu Dingyi (School of Mathematics and Statistics), Ren Weiming (School of Computer Science and Technology), and Wang Sichun (School of Management and Economics) stood out from tens of thousands of teams around the world and won the highest award in the event (Outstanding Winners), which once again refreshed our school's winning record in this competition. In the four-day period specified by the competition, they used Python, Excel and other tools to process data, and used POD algorithm, Arrhenius equation and other methods to establish mathematical models. They predicted the future North Sea sea surface temperature change and fish distribution, calculated the storage temperature of fish at normal temperature, provided the results of stability test and error analysis, which made recommendations for the future fishing strategies of small fishing companies in Scotland, and was highly praised by the referees.

  The American College Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM), sponsored by the American Mathematical and its Application Federation, is the only international mathematical contest in modeling. It is also the most influential mathematical contest in modeling in the world. The content of the competition involves many fields, such as economy, management, environment, resources, ecology, medicine, safety, and future science and technology. The awards for Mathematical Contest in Modeling include Outstanding Winner (Special Award), Finalist (Nomination for Special Award), Meritorious Winner (First Prize), Honorable Mention (Second Prize). The Mathematical Contest in Modeling is divided into two competitions, MCM and ICM. In 2020, a total of 13,749 teams from 20 countries and regions in the world participated in the MCM. 19 teams, including our school ’s team, won the Outstanding Winner award, and the award rate was 0.14%; in addition, 7199 teams from 16 countries and regions participated in the ICM, and 18 teams won the Outstanding Winner award, with a winning rate of 0.25%.

  During the period of 2020 American College Mathematical Contest in Modeling and the critical period for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, the mathematical modeling competition guidance team, led by the director of the Mathematics Experiment Center, Wang Hongzhou, overcame many difficulties, cooperated with various departments of the school and hold online activities such as pre-competition training and explanations on precautions. While participating in the fight against the epidemic at home, the participating students actively carried out internal discussions within the group and completed the thesis together within the prescribed time and achieved excellent results. According to preliminary statistics, in addition to one Outstanding Winner, our school students also won 5 special prize nominations (Finalist), 5 first prizes (Meritorious Winner), and 38 second prizes (Honorable Mention).

  In recent years, the domestic and foreign mathematics knowledge competitions undertaken by the School of Mathematics and Statistics have continuously made new breakthroughs, and successively set the record of winning prizes in various mathematics knowledge competitions. Among them, in the 2019 National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 2 teams from BIT won the national first award, and 9 teams won the national second prize. In the 2019 Chinese Mathematics Competitions, three students from BIT entered the national finals. In the 2020 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition that just ended recently, 7 students from BIT entered the finals, and the number of finalists ranked 14th in the world (12th in China). The winning rate and winning level are located in the nation's first echelon.

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