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University of Essex Makes Visit to BIT

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    Translator:  News Agency of BIT, Xiong Liyi

    Editor:  News Agency of BIT

  On the afternoon of February 25, 2019, president of University of Essex, professor Anthony Forster, together with executive vice-president Bryn Morris and vice-president responsible for international affairs Vanessa makes a visit to Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Wang Xiaofeng, vice-president of BIT meets the delegation in Zhongguancun campus.

  Wang Xiaofeng extends warm welcome to the delegation. He introduces the history, school-running idea, advantageous subjects and internationalization of BIT. He expresses the idea of establishing win-win cooperation relations with top universities all over the world. Moreover, he conveys the willingness to create a favorable environment for students from University of Essex. He hopes two schools consider the outstanding points and start the cooperation from joint supervision to more areas, such as exchange programs for students and research cooperation in information domains.

  Forster also conveys his thanks for BIT’s warm reception and presents general information of University of Essex. He says that they appear to be outstanding in the British official assessment of teaching and research over the years, especially in economics, philosophy, politics, accountancy, finance and management and legislation. Teachers from BIT and University of Essex have developed academic exchanges in the fields of electrical engineering and economics successfully, on the basis of which two schools can conduct in-width cooperation.