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【Interview】 Liu Feng: Youth Writes Beautiful Chapter and Passion Fulfills Dream

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Compiler: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    Liu Feng, born in April, 1978, graduated with a doctorate degree from Beijing Institute of Technology Electronic Engineering department. He is now a sub-researcher in school of information and electronics of Beijing Institute of Technology, master tutor, sub-head of radar technology institute, general manager of RACO, national expert of Beidou 2nd generation major special projects, vice-president of the ministry of education’s key laboratory of satellite navigation, vice-president of Beijing Key Laboratory of Embedded Real-time Information Processing Technology. He received the 26th Beijing Youth May 4th Medal in 2012 and received the 17th China Youth May Fourth Medal.

    Which flag-raising ceremony is the most unforgettable to you?

    To Liu Feng, the flag-raising ceremony at midnight of Oct. 1st, 1995 in the Tiananmen Square is the most unforgettable one. This is the most accomplished activity that he organized when he was studying in BIT.

    The night before the ceremony, Liu Feng as the monitor of his class gathered all 32 classmates to Tiananmen Square. The early fall in Beijing is always chilling. When the moon raised up, students rode on the school bus, went through Changan Street and walked to Tiananmen Square. There were already some crowds on the square at midnight. Students started to chat and play card games in the underground to keep away from the chilling wind. When the controlled underground opened, students rushed towards the square to get a good view to see the flag-raising. The bright five-starred red flag raised up with the national anthem playing in the background. All the crowds were standing seriously and watching the flag gravely. The impression this ceremony had left on Liu is imaginable. He made two wishes in his mind: one is to stay in Beijing and the other is to participate in the scientific study and become a part of the frontier of national scientific research.

    Time flew by, age changes but dreams don’t. Today, the wishes Liu made to himself in front of the national flag have come true.
Set Out With Dream
    He was only a seventeen-year-old boy back then. He came from his home town Qimeng Mountain, Shandong Province all the way to Beijing to persue his dream.

    Qimeng, Shandong is an old revolutionary area with a strong patriotic tradition. Since the family members of Liu had participated in the Anti-Japanese War and the liberationWar and He has this longing to participate in national defense career, Liu Feng chose BIT after the graduation of high school.  BIT is a university with Yanan spirit and national defense characteristics. Liu Feng is born in a family of teachers. His father is a physic teacher and his mother is a chemistry teacher. He started to be interested in science when he was in a very young age. During his high school, Liu Feng’s scores on science is always high. Since he was always interested in radio and electronic circuit, He chose electronic engineering as major without hesitation. Before he went to college, the farthest place he ever been to is Jinan and the biggest city he’s ever been is Jinan too. It was his first time to Beijing when he checked in at BIT at the age of seventeen. He clearly remembered the feeling when he first stepped in the campus of BIT: I’ve never seen such a big environment, such a big campus. It feels so good to study in the dream school!

    The university life in the 90s is pure and beautiful. During his college years, Liu began to develop interests in computer and internet. He remembered it was the beginning of the development of the internet. Back in the 1995 when he first entered BIT, it was still the era of 386 for computer. 586 appeared in 1996. Although the computer of early years has only the DOS operating system, and can only be operated by orders, people were still excited about it. In Liu’s junior year, he and his classmates started to study to build LAN in dormitories when the school had no network. Since there were cloths hanging in the corridor and the cable around them, the male dormitories were as messy as a spider’s web. This messy picture of the dormitories stayed in Liu’s mind deeply. He is very proud when looking back at that time: “I participated in the early process of the development of our school’s network association. We were indeed the first generation using the Internet. What we built back then was indeed the original school network.” The first contact with the Internet is unforgettable to Liu Feng. He can clearly remember the first webpage he visit was a page about an auto show. Liu Feng likes automobiles. But due to the technology back then, people can only see the advanced cars on the auto show. Since the Internet, Liu Feng felt excited just to see the pictures of the cars by clicking the websites.

    After graduation in 1999, Liu was recommended for admission to graduate school of BIT radar technology Institute. Since then, he began to make contact with scientific research and officially met Prof. Mao Erke and Prof. Long Teng. Liu has only heard about the name of “Mao Erke” and “Long Teng “at school but never had the chance to meet them in person. When he finally entered the laboratory, met those two professors in person, he leaned a lot about the scientific spirit from them. In Liu’s eyes, Prof.Mao Erke lived a simple life and loved scientific research deeply. From early years. Prof.Mao’s life was quite well-ordered. He would go back the do the study after finishing watching the news and would not go home until 10 at night. This old man had lived this organized life since the 60s of last century and kept the habit for more than 50 years. His spirit has moved a lot of people. Prof. Long Teng was the student of Prof. Mao. His way of life and study received a huge impact from Prof.Mao. In the scientific field, he treated study seriously and sometimes would stay up late at 2 or 3 o’clock or even 5 or 6 o’clock to correct essays for students. When talking about those two precious teachers in his life, Liu said gratefully:” their persistent spirit towards science and their dedication always inspire me. Those spirit is precious not only to me but also to the next generations.”
Leap Within A Turning Point

    Summer of 2004, Liu received his doctorate degree. He was standing in a crossroad. The 26-year-old was facing 2 choices: working in a foreign company or keep on scientific study at school. Since 2000, the scientific research team that Liu was in has never had any new blood. Doctors and post doctors all went to the foreign companies like Intel. But Liu decided to stay. He said” The reason I chose to stay, on the one hand is because the admiration of Prof.Mao and Prof.Long’s scientific spirit and on the other hand is because the passion I have on the scientific project. The research I was working on had already some results. I wanted it to be better and to be applied to work for our country and the society. ” Liu Feng decided to stay at BIT to continue his research. The condition of scientific research at that time was very hard and the treatment from the school was not so good either. But Liu told himself that no pains, no gains.

    In 2009, Liu met another turning point in his life. This time, he changed from a teacher to a manager. In that year, BIT was dedicated to develop on the industrial direction. Since there’s no listed company, the school leaders hope to find a mature team to operate the company inside of the school. And the radar institute was one of the candidates. After a time preparation, discussion, organization and planning, the radar institute became RACO in the end of 2009. RACO is a daring attempt to solve the problems of the transformation for university scientific results and the disconnection between scientific improvement and economic development. The core is to establish a new pattern of balanced development and mutual improvement for university fundamental research, technology innovation and research result transformation. RACO mainly focuses on radar, navigation, aerospace, communication, electronic countermeasures and other territories. It is also in charge of many national key projects. The 31-year-old Liu Feng became the general manager of RACO in that year.

    From a scientific researcher to a top manager of a company, Liu Feng was not used to the change at first. He knew neither marketing or managing and had no clear idea about the company’s future. But he did not give up facing these difficulties. He urged himself to actively change his thoughts to run the business better. RACO met many difficulties at the beginning, such as the difficulties on areas, on markets, on human resources. For the places, the office of RACO was set in a lab of BIT. With the development of the company and the growing number of staff, the working space became more and more crowded. With the support from the school, RACO soon found a place of 300 square meters in the institute of technology building outside the east gate. This provided timely help for RACO. With the continuous development, the office space of RACO has already been3200 square meters. It has become a role model for the combination of university industry, research and study.

    Human resources are a crucial problem in the beginning part of RACO. At the beginning of Decmber, 2009, RACO had only 18 employees. Today it has become a medium-sized enterprise with 254 employees. The capital of the company is almost 50 million Yuan. Liu Feng said: the most important part of managing is to find people better that you to work in the fields that they are best at. Let them work for the company is the most important thing for the leader. Liu Feng as a leader cares for everyone in the team. He aims to let everybody find their own platform in RACO. Liu Feng thought, there are two points that a company must achieve if it wants to attract and retain talents: career and spirit. First, the company should provide a platform for the talents to start their career. Only in this way would they like to stay and work with full heart. Second, the company should touch its employees with its core value and spirits and make them realize that what they are doing meant something to the country and the society. He believes that a great company spirit can gather employees together. It can unify employees’ interests, aims, and needs and then unify their action which will make the enterprise energetic. 

    After becoming the general manager, Liu Fe g have never had a complete weekend. Every weekend he will gather the core staff together and hold a conference to discuss and organize the future plan of the company. Recently, Liu’s life has always been under great pressure. His family used to complaint about it but now they have to get used to that. Looking back at the hardship and happiness of his struggles, Liu has a mixed feeling. He said: “ I failed my family. I’ve miss so much of these four years of the kid’s growth. Every night when I come back she’s already asleep.”
Beidou, Achieve A Miracle

Beidou, is the most sustained dream in Liu Feng’s heart.
    Beidou satellite navigation system is a spacecraft project prepared in 2000. It can replace the GPS navigation in US. It is a innovative project to realize the independent intelligent property rights. In 2005, RACO started to make contact with the research of Beidou. This is also a key point to realize the great-leap-forward development of the company. 7 years has passed, RACO is not the company that has nothing. It has become the third across the country because of the hardship it paid for Beidou.
    Beidou satellite navigation system struggled a lot to make it this far. In 2005 when RACO just started the research on Beidou, it faced the competition of 17 in out of 31 competitors. In 2007, when the plan is turning into the formal one, RACO faced the competition of 8 out of 17. In 2011, after four-year research. RACO was facing 6 out of 2012, when the final productwas settled, RACO was facing the competition of 4 out of 6. One careless move losses the whole game. The develop process of Beidou is such a gamble. To win this thing, RACO team started the pattern of 7/24. When the match is approaching, all the team members worked day and night. Eight years is quite a long time. It can shape a young adult into a leader of an enterprise. Nowadays, Beidou team has changed from a student team into a team with dream, obligation and persistence. In the interview Liu Feng emphasized again and again that “ Everyone in the Beidou team is the best. ” 

    The story of the development of Beidou has both excitement and regret. Last summer, Liu Feng was in charge of project biding of Beidou. At that time RACO was planning to bide for three projects. Two of which are of mature technology and the other one is of new technology and needs more experiments and preparations. The top leader at that time was Liu Feng. While at the end of July, Liu had to come home to see his sick mother. Before coming home, Liu said to his teammates that “I don’t want my own stuff influence the whole project. Please take care of this project.”2 weeks later when Liu Feng returned Beijing there was 10 days left for the biding which the new technology still needs improving. 20th of August, this equipment was really not satisfying so that it did not make it. This incident crushed Liu Feng and he was feeling very quilty about himself for the loss of his team.

  While this equipment also made him happy. 10 months after the loss, Liu Feng and his employees kept working on this project with no funds support but their own money. At the beginning of this year, this equipment was finally finished. 23rd of April, 3rd day after the Lushan Earthquake, RACO sent this equipment to the frontier of the catastrophe to assist with the journalists of Beijing youth to cover the interview of the disaster area. This Beidou  two model navigation system carried all the hardship of the Beidou team. It has a unique look, including cable, screen, battery and receiver. Mode 1 can navigate and mode 2 can communicate. It can not only navigate the subject but also communicate and send messages. if the wire communication broke down, the ground will lose communication network. But with the Beidou 2 model navigation system, the user can use satellite communication and find his position coordinates. When Mount.Lu was still in the electricity, water, and communication breakdowns, Beijing youth paper sent out more than 10 journalists. to secure the journalists, RACO picked one employee to take the navigation system to go to the frontier. In the special moment, the equipment took the spotlight. It not only can make real-time track of the journalists position but also can send the messages to Beijing headquarter. It provided the journalists safety and made the communication possible.

    About the development of Beidou double model navigation system, RACO is mainly in charge of two aspects. One is to work on the design,the other is to work out the core chip. Beidou chip is one of the national scientific missions. The chip biding competition was also very fierce in 2009. There were 9 companies bidding at first, 6 made it and 4 worked out the chip. The RACO chip is the number one when it comes to performance. To Liu Feng, the research on chip is of great significance. Because if the chip was applied in a whole machine, it can realize the whole Beidou system and make it localized and will never be restrict by America and other European countries. This type of localization is of great importance for national independent intelligent property rights.

    The success of Beidou is the most accomplishing thing for Liu Feng. It is nice to see that Beidou can play a part in helping people to live longer in the Mout.Lu earthquake. He said, “my Chinese dream is the dream of the developme t of Beidou. I hope Beidou can be even more widely used that GPS and can realize wider range of localization. My dream is that some day in the future, every plane, every car, every cell phone will be equipped with Beidou system.”
Combine youth strength build youth brilliance
    At the end of April. After the 7.0 degree earthquake in Yaan, Sichuan, Yan Xing from the marketing department of RACO received a text message: “do you want to go to Yaan to help?” after reading the text, Yan Xing answered definitely “I’d like to.”

 The one who set the text is Liu Feng.

 To Liu Feng’s surprise, when young people in the company heard the opportunity to help the area, over ten people fought for it. Considering the risk, Liu Feng decided to send Yan Xing to go in the end. Afterwards, a lot of people texted him to ask why not let them go. This little incident shocked Liu Feng. He thought that he had to persuade one person to go to the disaster area to let the employee bot be afraid of the aftershock and other harm. But now he had to persuade them not to go. He told the youth that wanted to go: “the area is rather dangerous, you will not go.” Although it was just a small thing, it changed the way Liu Feng saw the young generation of RACO. He thought, they are not only fighting for the one slot to help, they are fighting to serve the country and devote themselves to it.

 Recently, Member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee Li Yuanchao mentioned “innovation, entrepreneurship and innovative excellent”. This inspired Lie Feng a lot. In our society today, very few has the consciousness the creation, few can start their own business while more ordinary people create excellent. It is not about how great you are, how great things you do. It is about doing your own things carefully and responsibly To Liu, creating excellent is the fundamental requirement of one’s dream. It doesn’t require great things. If you are a driver, not having accidents is creating excellent. If you are a farmer, ensure a stable income is creating excellent. If you are a food supplier, provide healthy and safe food is creating excellent. And to an ordinary research people, work on the study carefully and come out new results is the most contribution possible.

 In Liu Feng’s eyes, the employees in RACO are a group of young people with the “creating excellent” spirit. As a young high-tech company, the employees are all quite young. The average age is around 20. But they are all passionate about their work. If you walk in RACO at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening, you will find many young people working. Maybe their work day by day is humble, but someday they will work out a result that will play an important part in the key territories. To Liu Feng, every youth should have vivid dream and objects. As long as everyone works for their dream, it will always combine as the strength to build the Chinese dream. In the future, Liu Feng will lead the young RACO team to climb on the mountain of science. He hopes to develop better technology and produce more professional technical products with higher quality to serve our country and society. He hopes to realize his Beidou dream and his Chinese dream.

    You can only be young once. youth is used for fight in the present and is used to reminiscing in the future. Liu Feng is young. His youth has not only passion and dream, but also solid work and persistence. When talking about dream, maybe every young man will be passionate. But dream are for those who would work and fight for it. Only with solid work, can one get closer to dream step by step. “Country, team, fight” are the core value of RACO and it is also the scientific spirit that Liu Feng wants to share with every scientific researcher. He hopes that every researcher dedicated to scientific research can hold on to their dreams and dare to fight, to create, to devote their youth for our nation.

    In the blossom May, general secretary Xi Jinping held talks with excellent youngsters in the space city to discuss life, dream and strive.
Among them, there was Liu Feng.
    18 years, Liu Feng has grown from a innocent youth into a excellent researcher. He played his own symphony with his passion and dedication. About success, Liu Feng said, “success is that when you grew old and looking back at what you’ve done, you will realize that you have fight and struggled for your dream when you are young and you have something to remember.”
    We believe that in Liu Feng’s memory, his Beidou dream must have been realized.
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