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Exclusive Interview of President Hu of BIT

Internationalization is a Necessary way for Chinese Universities to Become the World’s Best

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Translator: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) celebrated the BIT-Day on Nov. 6th, 2014. TU Berlin has been in cooperation relationship with Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) for 30 years. Hu Haiyan, president of BIT said that the cooperation with TU Berlin has shown successful collaborations between universities in China and Germany. In his view, internationalization is necessary for Chinese universities to become the world’s best.

    In specific aspects, how is the collaboration going between universities in China and Germany? How can Chinese universities benefit from it? President Hu received an exclusive interview of Xinhua News Agency.

    President Hu said, since the reform and opening-up, TU Berlin has been the first institution in Europe that BIT started to collaborate with. This marked the beginning of collaborations between BIT and overseas universities.

    The thirty-year collaboration can be divided into two phases. The first phase is when China entirely learnt from Germany. During this phase, many Chinese universities sent young teachers to Germany for further study. Many incumbent presidents as well as their predecessors in BIT once studied in German universities. This phase lasted for more than ten years.

    The new century marked the beginning of the second phase. With the improvement of comprehensive strength of Chinese universities and the return of large quantities of overseas students, Chinese universities and German universities have conducted exchanges and cooperation of equality and mutual benefit. Two countries have exchanged more students to study and cooperative research projects have been carried out step by step.

    However, president Hu admitted that the cooperation in research between universities of these two countries has not exactly reached the same level. There were far more Chinese students in Germany than German students in China, and Chinese students tended to stay and study in Germany for a longer time. That means Chinese universities still have a long way to go to become the best.

    In his opinion, internationalization is necessary for Chinese  universities to become world’s best. Education ideas and evaluation standards in China have to gain recognition from other countries. For instance, China became the signatory to Washington Accord. It shows that Chinese students with professional engineering academic degrees have received an international accreditation agreement.

    President Hu said, the internationalization of colleges can also be reflected in expanding students’ international horizons. Universities should provide as many opportunities as possible for students to study abroad. Studying in Germany enables students to know about the excellent educational tradition there. Additionally, the personnel training for engineers in Germany is also worth using for reference.

    " Actually, to open the international vision doesn’t only mean learning from developed countries,” President Hu said, “There are some international students from other developing countries studying in BIT. They might have different views on certain things, which can also be an inspiration for Chinese students’ study.”

    President Hu thinks that best teachers, best students and best outputs can be the symbols of the best university. To achieve this goal, passion, scientific management and patience are all significant. He points out that it is impossible to make a Chinese university one of the best in the world in just a few years. To achieve this goal will take a long time. It requires patience and accumulation.

     BIT hires about 50 teachers each year, 60% of whom have the experience of studying abroad. If any student who graduates from BIT wants to start teaching in BIT, they also have to go abroad and work as a post-doctorate for some time. According to president Hu, BIT plans to achieve the goal of cultivating more elite talents and achieving first-class outputs by means of accumulating excellent teachers. This process will take a long time and impatience is the least we need.
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