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【Interview】Anna Mathis:continuing to take force work as a teacher to grow

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Writer: News Agency of BIT  Yan Li
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    Anna Mathis, from South Carolina, the USA, is a new foreign teacher in BIT who is teaching sophomore oral English now.

Life in Beijing

    The first time Miss Mathis came to Beijing was last summer, working as an English teacher in a junior school. It was a subtle feeling to experience totally new cities, new places and new people and she was absolutely attracted by Chinese culture. So although she was back to America last year, again she left for China this semester.

    Almost falling into Chinese culture, Miss Mathis knows about a lot. She wants to know some mysterious and traditional things like family affairs in China: family structures, the ways of life in a family, and what does it mean that a normal family should depend on each other.

    As a teacher, Miss Mathis is also interested in the educational system. She is fascinated in learning how students are educated from when they are very young until now, trying to understand the school systems also Chinese traditions. She thinks it’s very enjoyable to learn and to observe festivals and traditions a culture has.

Challenge and Pity

    One big challenge is to figure out different students’ appearances. Because she has eight classes now, each of which has 45 students, she has almost 360 students altogether. It takes her quite a while to memorize their names, so is it now. But she determines to remember all of them this semester. Nevertheless, she also said that it’s a pity because some of them are science and engineering sophomore students, who will leave for main campus next semester. So there is only one semester she can teach them. And surely she will miss them very much.

    Another challenge is Chinese. To learn about Chinese culture further, Miss Mathis gets a tutor to teach her Chinese twice a week. Because she has never learnt Chinese before or taken any Chinese classes in America, this is the first time she really begins to practice pronunciation and speak words. Even she struggles for it hard, learning Chinese is still very difficult at first. Till now, Miss Mathis is still working on the sounds, listening and practicing to say words in the four tones. Fortunately, in any case, her Chinese is getting better and better.

Normal Life

   It isn’t a long time since Miss Mathis came to China, so she has never been to any other cities except Beijing. Even so, during this year, she’s visited many famous tourist attractions in Beijing like the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, Beihai Park, Tianmen Square, the Olympic Park and so on. Now she wants to pay more visits to places like the Great Wall. Deeply fascinated in Chinese minorities, though Miss Mathis has been to the Minority Park, she definitely wants to go back there and know more about it. She also emphasized that she had really learned a lot about Chinese culture in the park.

Future Plan

    As far as Miss Mathis concerned, planing to in China for several more years is her first choice. In her opinion, if she moves to another country, she wants to settle there for a long while instead of just staying for a few months. Because of this, she’s open to stay even longer to experience a totally different culture from that in the west. Beyond that, she’s also fond of continuing her studies and as a teacher doing more teachings. In addition to this, she will take classes to become a more qualified teacher to teach English as a second language.
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